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GyrusAim helps your agency prepare for the future so you can deliver efficient and valuable services to your citizens.

  • Bernalillo County
  • United States Navy
  • Massport
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
For years, Gyrus has been our training partner helping us achieve our extremely complex and demanding training needs. Their newest product, GyrusAim, allows us to be even more efficient and effective with our training initiatives. We tell Gyrus what we need and they continually deliver. - Doug Friske, NOAA

Solution for Government

How can we help?

Our learning management systems provide public sector agencies with the tools to help manage training and career development efforts and give employees the tools they need to be successful public servants. Gyrus Systems offers solutions for public sector agencies at the local, state, and federal level that help raise workforce productivity, improve employee retention, aid regulatory compliance, cut expenses and reduce training time. We understand it is absolutely critical for agencies with razor-thin budgets to be well-trained and competent in serving the public. We also understand the complexities of government procurement and we understand the importance of providing a stable software and a stable company behind it so taxpayer funds are responsibly spent. Gyrus Systems is a GSA approved vendor.

Why you will love it?

Training Administrators are able to easily track, train and manage, any employee, contractor, full-time or part-time within GyrusAim. With a variety of robust reporting tools, they will be able to keep current with regulatory compliance. With the over 23 configurable and automated emails, administrators will be able to spend more time training and planning and less time on paperwork. Options can be enabled for user self-registration, which would allow employees to register in the LMS, reducing the administrative time in managing user login credentials. Self-service options for employees will free up time of administrators and increase adoption rate among employees. Administrators can automate learning through online assessments, webinars, and several different eLearning types.

Finding success with GyrusAim!

GyrusAim provides an access to web-based, on-demand training anywhere. Currently, over 15 languages are available natively in the LMS, which will support a wide variety of your workforce. The individual development plan and gap analysis support development and talent management strategies including succession planning and career development. GyrusAim has been government-approved, and we currently support a multitude of government clients. Use GyrusAim to streamline training throughout the entire organization, or use it to create a personalized experience for each department or division.