Criteria for Selecting the Best Enterprise Learning Management System

Viren Kapadia March 24, 2021
Criteria for Selecting the Best Enterprise LMS

Whenever you hire a new batch of employees, they enter your organization with great zeal and enthusiasm. But, have you ever wondered 'until when?' This motivation, energy, and excitement to work in a new environment DO NOT last long if your employees are not provided with the required push to keep going. And it's not just the case with new employees, even the oldest employees in your organization lose their productivity if you don't put effort to keep refining their skills and challenging them.

Online employee training is one of the best ways to keep the productivity of your employees intact. Balanced learning and development of employees are possible only if you develop a perfect eLearning program for them. All of this depends on one thing and that is the 'enterprise learning management system'.

What is an enterprise learning management system?

An enterprise learning management system is a central platform that mainly manages employee training and activities. It helps companies organize training content, track learning, and oversee certifications. Organizations having large groups of employees across different locations can leverage this technology.

A well-implemented enterprise learning management system helps in;

  • Easy collaboration and improving work productivity by sharpening employee skills.
  • Simplifying, creating, and sharing engaging compliant digital content in multiple formats.
  • Providing employees, managers, and other stakeholders with needed resources.
  • Saving money on outsourcing costs, reducing employee turnover, and improving overall employee engagement.
  • Tracking learning gaps by reporting on individual progress.

Why choose an enterprise learning management system?

Just training your employees is not enough! If you want to gain the best from workplace training, you need to look for an enterprise LMS that helps you organize, track, and manage the online training of employees, customers as well as other external partners. An enterprise LMS has a lot of benefits including the management of compliance training, onboarding, and development of employees. Using a competent enterprise learning management system, you can easily assign various eLearning courses to your employees and the end-users. In addition to assigning the courses, you can also track their performance right after they complete the assessments. An enterprise LMS comes with a slew of built-in tools that guide you in creating the most effective eLearning courses for employees.

Undeniable benefits of enterprise learning management system

One of the greatest advantages of a corporate learning management system is that it caters to the needs of both employees and external partners and helps them in several ways. Even if you hire a third-party course authoring software, you still can host these courses with the help of enterprise LMS. Using an enterprise learning management system, you can prove to your employees that online training is not always boring! It makes the employee training content more gripping and enhances the training modules with various engrossing elements.

How to choose the best enterprise learning management system?

But, you cannot enjoy all these benefits if the enterprise LMS you picked is not efficient. How would you know if an enterprise LMS is right for your organization? What are the key factors that you need to keep in mind before selecting the enterprise LMS for your employees? Don't worry, just keep reading! We have answers to all your questions!

  1. Reporting and Tracking
  2. Your enterprise learning management system is next to NOTHING if it cannot deliver on your learning goals. If it fails to measure the impact of your formal and informal learning initiatives, you might as well not have it. To articulate the value of your learning and development program, the enterprise LMS you choose must have built-in reports and analytics. Some of the basic internal reporting tools also help you analyze the effectiveness of actions you take for managing the online training trouble areas. With the built-in analytic tools, you get to track even minor details like whether the user logged in or how much time has he/she taken to complete a particular quiz or assessment.

  3. A System with Social Learning Support
  4. Learning alone can be stodgy! Make sure that the enterprise learning management system you select has the feature of social learning support. Social streams enhance your visibility and facilitate peer-based online collaboration. If you work in a team, you keep getting feedback, ideas, and tips from your co-workers that help in developing a program that caters to each and every one in the group. With social learning support, you get the feature of group live chat. You can create different groups based on different criteria like experience levels, job roles, and training topics. In this way, you do not have to waste your time wondering who you should reach out to for various discussions. You will always have the right person at the right time to discuss and kick away your queries.

  5. Available on Various Digital Platforms
  6. Along with this ever-evolving technology, learners have also evolved and become smarter. Now they don't only have their laptops with their mobile phones, smartwatches, as well as tablets, have also become their buddies. If you want your employees and external partners to have instant access, the enterprise LMS you have should be multi-platform friendly. Also, it should be compatible with all the mobile devices your employees and external partners have. A learning management system with offline mobile viewing mode is more appreciated as it lets the users download the content and complete their training even if they don't have an internet connection.

  7. Facilitates Brand Integration
  8. Everyone is aware of the power of marketing and what's better than promoting your brand through the enterprise learning management system? Before choosing an enterprise LMS for your organization make sure it supports brand integration. In this way, you can incorporate various branding elements like your logo and color scheme into your partner learning interface. It strengthens the credibility of your brand and helps your employees trust the online training you provide to them.

  9. Protects Your Data
  10. Your data faces a huge risk when transmitted from one application to another. Your enterprise learning management system is a waste if it does not ensure the security of your data. Competent enterprise LMS software utilizes advanced encryption standards to guard your data when exchanged between various platforms. An organization has external partners who are spread all over the world so finding a secured enterprise LMS should be the PRIORITY. It helps you in assigning specific clearances to your team members and the power of revoking or granting access to the software stays in the hands of the admin.

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