Buy-in for an LMS Implementation

Nov 20, 2014
Buy-in for an LMS Implementation

In the introduction to the Change Management Strategies Series I mention three major factors effecting change. These include an organized implementation

plan, communication, and management buy-in. This blog will focus on management buy-in. A direct report's level of engagement can be effected by information or business practices received by their manager. If a manager is resistant to change, often times the direct report will inherit the same attitude. Understanding that manager's need the same reassurances as direct reports all the way up the line will go a long way in solving this problem. Increasing manager buy-in can be done by developing test groups during the implementation process.

How to Increase Buy-In for LMS Implementation?

  1. Ideas for test groups:
    • Create a game/raffle out of it. Let managers enter into a raffle to be put on a test team with their direct-reports. (This method will probably require some type of reward as well for the 'extra' work)
    • Assign one test team per channel or industry that you support.
    • Create real world scenarios for testers that will promote the value add of a new LMS.
    • Never forget to explain the purpose of the test group and show employees how they are directly improving the business by giving their feedback.
    • Add a message to the communication strategy that highlights the achievements of each of the test groups.
    • Hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings where managers can give their feedback and the feedback of their direct reports
    • Encourage test groups to find bugs and errors in the system (this will help you in your overall roll out)

What Would Be the Effect on Manager by LMS Implementation?

Each of the ideas above is geared toward including managers and allowing them to include their direct reports. Once managers start to use the LMS they will become promoters of the system (if you can successfully highlight all of the benefits). Using testing groups for manager buy in can increase adoption rates, reduce launch day glitches, create a positive stir in the organization about the LMS, and accomplish a lot of testing that the training department would have to do on their own.