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Why Banking and Finance Industry love Gyrus

Train workforce

Train workforce, full-time or part-time

Configurable and automated emails

23 configurable and automated emails

Online assessments, webinars, and eLearning

Automate learning through online assessments, webinars, and eLearning

15 languages

Supports over 15 languages

Individual development plans

Create individual development plans according to the needs

Experience for each department

Personalized experience for each department or division according to the needs

Supports development with gap analysis

Supports development with gap analysis

Training processes without compromising the quality

Speeds up the training processes without compromising the quality

Manage, customize and update

Manage, customize and update the training contents

Gives mobility and accessibility (508 Compliance)

Gives mobility and accessibility (508 Compliance)

Cost of training and development

Trims down the cost of training and development

Gyrus System offers secure and consistent learning to minimize risk in the Banking and Finance Industry:

  • Provides effective tools to employees with the competencies and skills for success.
  • Keep the employees updated with current certifications and regulatory standards of the Industry.
  • Web-based LMS provides a comprehensive system of assessing employees’ skills against the job, organization, and compliance requirements.
  • eLearning and scheduled training options are identified based on the employees skill gaps.
  • Improves performance, reduces risk, Prevents future employee skill gaps.
  • Certification expiration and standards are actively monitored by GyrusAim in real-time.
  • Automatically sends email reminders for required and expired skills, enrollments, tracking classroom and self-reported training.
  • Individual Development Plans helps to easily compare skills obtained to skills required.
  • Time-efficient software.
  • Offers multilingual options

Features of LMS for Banking and Finance

The perfect LMS for banks. Intuitive, user-friendly design and powerful features to help you create and manage learning content, track results and empower your teams.

Multilingual and Disability access

Multilingual and Disability access

The Banking and finance industry is highly diverse and inclusive of employees who speak different languages. We believe in connecting every employee with our multi-language options. Now firms can provide training to all their employees across the globe in their preferred language. We also believe in equality like the Banking industry and have created disability access tools for people with language difficulty and impairment.

Compliance and Regulation

Compliance and Regulation

The Banking and Finance Industry is often under pressure to follow the ever-updating rules and regulations of the Banking Industry. We provide customised self-guided training tools and certifications which enable employees to learn faster and efficiently. The traditional seminars can now be replaced with graded training to help officials keep track of employees understanding.

Convenient Tracking and Reporting

Convenient Tracking and Reporting

We provide robust reporting capability in our LMS. We understand that it is extremely vital for banking and Finance Firms to track their employee’s growth and learnings. Our tools contain customizable reports where the strengths and weaknesses of employees are brought out exclusively. It also enables us to track which employees are taking what courses and how diligently.

Self-guided Training

Self-guided Training

The banking and Finance Industry is a robust industry with great minds working in unison. We have enabled great minds to guide themselves. Our training is simplified and easy to navigate. Training can be taken through self-explanatory tools which only involve the choices the trainee makes.

Finishing Certification

Mobility and Accessibility

Learning is made more convenient and effective with our mobility feature, through which employees can learn anywhere anytime. Courses can be taken from wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. This removes problems like location, time and device choice while helping employees to manage their training schedule.


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