Are LMS Customizations Harmful? Know Everything in Detail

Viren Kapadia Mar 04, 2020
Are LMS Customizations Harmful? Know Everything in Detail

LMS customization is the hottest topic among Training and Development professionals who invest in a learning management system. Every small, medium and large scale organization and even startups prefer to customize their LMS and personalize the training experience for their respective learners or audiences. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. But sometimes, these so-called essential customizations can turn out to be your biggest nightmare in the long run.

Please note that some customizations in the LMS are unavoidable and adding them definitely makes sense. But, here we are only referring to some customization requests that have no value from a practical point of view. So, while asking the LMS vendor for any specific customization request, do consider the following consequences.

  1. Maintenance is Not Easy

    Customizations become a problem because their maintenance is not easy. The programmers are trained on a certain set of (standard) codes and script. When it comes to creating a customized training system, the programmer creates custom code scripts for building and implementing the customized LMS features. As a result, these custom code scripts are known exclusively to the programmer(s) who worked on the personalization or customization. In case of a breakdown, it becomes difficult to assess the issue. Even if a new programmer is assigned for the task, he/she will take time to understand the existing code, and this is actually very difficult.

  2. Increase In Costs

    With the above point, it is quite evident that some customizations in LMS only add costs to you. Since creating a custom LMS requires extra efforts, therefore, every customization would cost you a certain amount of money. The cost will keep on increasing depending on the script size, complication, human hours and functionality. Hence, you must first, analyze the cost of customization, before letting the idea of customization turn into your need.

  3. Not Easy to Operate

    An LMS is designed following a specific blueprint, which highlights the general architecture of the learning platform. This includes the functionality of the LMS, its size, mobile compatibility, UX and UI features. When the reliable online training system in Oregon is set for customization, the ‘customized’ features do not fit well with the predefined blueprint or architecture. As a result, the programmers have to re-adjust the UX, UI and other features for the customized version of the training platform. For a smooth development process, it is ideal to choose a learning system that does not demand a number of diversions.

  4. Fear Of Missing Out On New Features

    Conflict among the features arises, when new features are rolled out in the LMS. While developing a new feature or updating the LMS, the vendor may not take into consideration the customized features in your customized LMS. Hence, conflicts are bound to arise between your custom features and that updated by the vendor. In such cases, redundant actions and workflow overlaps will be the most common issues that you will come across.

  5. Training Workflow May Keep Changing

    Adding a training workflow to your LMS is a common aspect of LMS customization. However, with advancements in training methods, the processes and workflows also change with time. Hence, if you wish to customize your LMS with a workflow that is unique to your organization today, you must know that the respective workflow may be subject to change. The only option, in this case, will be adding a complete new customization feature to your learning management system.

Final Thoughts

Customizations, no doubt, are sometimes important and unavoidable as well. However, you should only opt for customization if your IT team can address any issues or complications arising out of the customized LMS. Also, you should have a sufficient budget to sustain their change in workflows, maintenance, and updates. Don’t forget to check out exceed LMS pricing in California, compare it with others and then choose the right fit. It aids the development of Microlearning initiatives from within the online learning or training system and delivers an enterprise learning experience to the audience.