AI-Based LMS: Key to a Successful Training Strategy

Viren Kapadia April 19, 2021
AI-Based LMS: Key to a Successful Training Strategy

AI is the key game-changer in today's cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experience manifolds. The use of AI has massively invaded our surroundings, and organizations are leveraging the power of AI in a multitude of products and services made available to consumers. Even the L&D, i.e., the Learning and Development workforce, has been impacted by the golden touch of AI.

While organizations face the need to embrace fast-paced technology to stay abreast with the most up-to-date innovations, learning experiences and processes also witness a revolutionary transformation. L&D professionals recognize the need to develop new learning strategies and frameworks based on state-of-the-art AI improvements. All organizations deal with an immense amount of data. This can be effectively analyzed and used to optimize learning curriculums and training programs designed for the workforce.

How AI transforms Learning Experiences

  • Personalized Learning Experience

    A key advantage of an AI-based learning experience is a customized approach to developing various training strategies. Gone are the days when training programs were created based on the one-shoe-fits-all approach to learning. Today, organizations prefer training material that can be customized to suit their learner’s needs. Various AI-based content creation algorithms recommend creating and developing suitable content based on the interests, past behavior, needs, and role of the learners. They can even generate content automatically with a focus on weaker areas of the learner.

  • Digital Training Content Creation

    AI-based LMS has paved the way for learners to learn most effectively. This can be done using specific methods based on the preferred learning style of various learners. The training content can be through written content, video tutorials, audio-guided presentations, gamification, in-person training, or a mixture of any of these. An AI-powered training program is flexible and adaptive. The various training modules can be modified to suit the needs of learners. For example, the LMS might offer video or audio-based tutorials to some employees and convert the content videos to text-based articles for other learners.

  • Online Assessments

    The real test of ELearning and training programs is through various quizzes, tests, and assessments. These assessments are essential to measure the effectiveness of the learning program and consolidate the whole learning process. Most assessments follow a single approach for all kinds of learners so that a real test of their capacity cannot be made. Therefore, some learners find such assessments too simple, while others may find them too difficult. With AI-based assessments, one can design unique assessments that are different from the regular Q&A format. Such questionnaires can easily assess individual learner ability and course progression.

  • Data Collection & Analysis

    All organizations deal with vast amounts of data daily. If they learn to harness this data effectively, it can provide important insights and help in the business decision-making process. Data machine learning to collect Performance data during training courses and when employees perform at their jobs in the workplace. L&D teams can utilize these data outputs for analysis and gain insights into the learner journey. Based on that, they can develop training programs based on adaptive learning, and that can drive value.

  • AI-Based Digital-Tutors

    A new kind of personalized learning is now made possible through AI-based digital tutors. Learners can get a consistently intelligent, virtual tutor to assist them throughout the learning process. These tutors provide personalized tutoring and give complete feedback to the learners. They also collect valuable information from the students’ learning habits and determine the right pace for study for each student. The data insights provided by these virtual AI tutors can help identify any learning shortcomings of the students and enable the development of effective study routines for them.

  • Optimized Learning Process

    AI-based LMS trains employees as per the selected learning style of learners, thereby optimizing the learning content. This makes the learning experience simple and engaging for learners and also helps in enhancing knowledge retention. Traditional student assessment and certification take a lot of time and effort. LMS platforms can control the learning process of students with built-in tools. The course instructors can get informative progress reports. The whole learning process can be easily managed with automatic course creation and advanced statistics tools compiled in one user-friendly dashboard.

  • Enhanced Employee Training Outcomes

    The process of incorporating AI-based learning techniques ensures enhanced employee or student training outcomes. An LMS based on AI helps up-skilling employees in an organization so that they stay on top of the latest industry trends like VR or Blockchain. You can up-skill your workers to keep evolving with the changing technology.

    Also, regular L&D training may get prejudiced in specific areas. For example, the course creator may skip specific chapters or assessments because of low popularity or may grade students in a biased manner based on their background. AI enables the LMS to eliminate such learning bias and creates impartial learning objectives and training paths and courses.

  • Learner Accessibility

    AI-based LMS provides a 24 X 7 learning environment. This makes it flexible for users to choose a suitable time for them to learn. This eliminates the need to get bound to a regular teaching schedule or a class timetable. Learners only need the internet to access a course and can study anywhere worldwide. Such LMSs provide opportunities to quickly ascertain the accessibility progress of the learners, both as an individual and as a whole. These AI-based tools are embedded within the LMS and provide reports on digital course material and its progress.

Use GyrusAim for Extraordinary Learning Outcomes

The importance of an AI-centric LMS cannot be sidelined, given the fact that it can lead to multiple significant outcomes. From smart-testing candidates and AI-bots to creating customized learning paths and automation of administrative tasks, such LMSs have immense possibilities. Keeping this in mind, we have designed the GyrusAIM LMS. It delivers all the capabilities mentioned above. It helps in rational content creation, charting out personalized development plans for learners, and also provides an intelligent tracking system for learner activities. It also has efficient reporting and analytics features and is supported in more than 16 languages.

If you are looking to bring a transformational change in your L&D process with optimized outcomes, look no further than GyrusAim. Get geared for a new generation of AI-powered learning.