5 Ways Custom eLearning Can Supercharge Your Sales Team Productivities

Viren Kapadia Jan 15, 2020
5 Ways Custom eLearning Can Supercharge Your Sales Team Productivities

First, do you think your sales team's skills could use some polishing? Now, the answer to this question lies in whether or not their productivity has taken a hit lately and more importantly if it has been increasingly difficult to communicate with them. If the answer is "yes", worry not, you can easily use custom eLearning to your advantage, and make sure that your sales team delivers their best.

  1. Teamwork is no longer a distant dream

    Getting along with our coworkers and working as a team is not always easy. There could be issues, that can be far more gripping if your sales team is located in various locations across the globe. In such a scenario, they cannot even pay a visit to each other or the HR office for that matter. However, if you look for cost-effective training software near me, it could help. They can finally have a say, work with their coworkers and look for resolutions if need be, and of course, bring cohesion to the table, something that may shoot their productivity through the roof.

  2. Leveraging multimedia is as much as possible

    If your sales team is always on the go, arranging for an on-site trainer, someone who could make sure that they are trained properly becomes much harder. However, with custom eLearning in the picture, all your sales team members, even the offshore ones, can benefit from multimedia demonstrations and tutorials that they can access at their convenience. Take, for example, a demo of how to go about making an elevator pitch. Now, your team doesn’t necessarily have to watch the demo in one go and can replay it as many times as they want until they have a fairly good understanding of how to go about it.

  3. Your onboarding process is not a nightmare anymore

    Let’s take a look at your onboarding process, the one that you have in place right now. How do you go about it? In all probability, it begins with you welcoming the newbies, preferably in person, and if time permits, showing them around and introducing them to their colleagues and of course, the management. Sounds about right? This may not always work, especially if your sales team isn’t readily available for face-to-face meetings. But then, they do need to understand your work environment and get used to your company culture as soon as possible. A reliable learner management system in Chicago could very well bridge the gap here, ensuring that you no longer have to physically escort each of the sales team members and can welcome them aboard with ease.

  4. It cannot be any more flexible

    Your sales team can either invest whatever time they have at their disposal, attending classroom training sessions and learning more about your company culture, products, and services. Or they could hit the road, meet with your potential clients, and get you some sales. It goes without saying that you would rather want them out in the field. But custom eLearning will make sure that your sales team can strike a balance, meeting with your clients and partaking in training, enjoying the best of both worlds.

  5. Consistency is the key

    Your sales team in North America may have to make do with a not-so-good instructor, lagging behind those covering the European region for you. Even if the content that you come up with is similar to a T, chances are that the instructors at both the locations would have their own unique way of presenting the very same content, often adding to your sales team’s misery. Online training can offer respite, ensuring that your team across the globe has access to the same learning material and is at par. There will be no discrepancies, none whatsoever.

To be honest, these are not just 5 reasons why LMS is essential; there are far more. eLearning could be your gateway to enhanced teamwork, better communication, and unparalleled cooperation, which could be a deal-breaker. Embrace custom eLearning right away and see how sales begin to surge sooner than expected.