Why Buy a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Oct 30, 2012

1. Meeting minimum standards is not sufficient to maintain a competitive edge

2. Increased, more severe penalties for non-compliance

3. Need to track/monitor compliance at a significantly more detailed level

4. Refresher courses due at different times based on employee’s history and role

5. Different training required for different employees = complex matrix of courses & resources that constantly change due to turnover and organizational changes

6. Manage cross-functional and cross-enterprise teams across the globe, providing goal alignment to team members and visibility on team effectiveness to senior management

7. Reliable records that are always up-to-date and available for viewing

8. Provide education to end customers, creating new revenue streams and improving customer loyalty

9. Valuable tool to prove safety of a manufacturer, verification of policies/procedures and adherence to laws & regulations

10. Reduce time-to-market to increase competitive edge

In summary, using a learning management system can help solve many organizational challenges!