What is SCORM, and what role does it play in eLearning?

Viren Kapadia November 10, 2022
What is SCORM, and what role does it play in eLearning?

SCORM, or Sharable Content Object Reference Model, sets the technical standards for eLearning. There are lots of eLearning software programmes, and sometimes they need to communicate with each other. Therefore, there are some technical measures that programmers need to keep in mind while building eLearning. Only then will it be compliant with an LMS. In this article, you will learn about;

  1. SCORM
  2. Its Importance in eLearning


Gyrus Aim is a learning management system that is SCORM 2011 compliant. You can use all the content made for SCORM 2011 or earlier versions of SCORM on GyrusAim. If you use GyrusAim, you can assure yourself of having an LMS with

  • AI-driven intuitive features
  • world-class learning experience
  • 100% Cloud-Based
  • Fully Scalable
  • Quick Deployment
  • Robust Analytics and Reporting

How does SCORM work?

The SCORM tries to solve the challenges of interoperability, portability, reusability, and instructional sequencing of eLearning content.

  1. Interoperability
  2. The SCORM provides a runtime environment with data models and an application program interface (API). These provide seamless communication between the eLearning content and the learning management systems.

  3. Portability
  4. It has a Content Aggregation Model (CAM) book that tells you how to package content to exchange data between various systems. The transferable format used by SCORM is the Package Interchange Format (PIF) ZIP file. You can easily change your LMS without making the eLearning content from scratch.

  5. Reusability
  6. The CAM book also has instructions on how to organize the materials so that you can search and discover the relevant content. Therefore, SCORM also provides reusability for eLearning content. In addition, it gives instructions on how to write metadata on the content and tells LMSs how to import the content.

  7. Sequencing
  8. Finally, a book contains how to sequence the events that will deliver content to learners. Additionally, designers and content developers can specify what navigational controls would be in a 2004 SCORM-conformant LMS.

    The above principles can be divided into two categories: packaging content and exchanging data in runtime.

    • Packaging Content: CAM determines this process. A file titled "is manifest" holds the information that tells an LMS how to import and start the content. In XML syntax, the file contains the structure of a course and indicates what document to launch and the name of the content.
    • Runtime Communication: This component tells how the content talks to the LMS while the content is playing. Communication has two parts: finding content and getting content. LMS imports the contents using keywords that determine the extent of interactive experiences learners will have.

Why do we need a system like SCORM?

SCORM provides guidelines that standardize how learning management systems and eLearning content interact. Before SCORM, if you wanted to change your LMS, you had to build your content from scratch. And you had to make your eLearning materials in a way that supported the new LMS. However, now you only need to worry about making content that incorporates SCORM guidelines. And you can use an LMS that is SCORM-compliant.

How to make content or LMS SCORM-compliant

To make your content SCORM-compliant, you can use the SCORM driver. It is the easiest method; however, a software developer can make your content SCORM-compliant. But they would have to learn the intricacies of SCORM to create content that is also broadly compatible. The reason is that every LMS system interprets the guidelines slightly differently.

Making a SCORM-conformant LMS is a little more challenging than creating SCORM-conformant content. and it will take much more time and require many developers. However, there is a SCORM engine that can make your life easier.

Are there multiple versions of SCORM?

There are three versions of SCORM that the industry currently accepts:

  • SCORM 1.1: This version is the oldest acceptable release. However, you won't find many vendors that still use SCORM 1.1.
  • SCORM 1.2: Relative to SCORM 1.1, you can find this version in almost all major LMS producers. And some of the content producers also support SCORM.
  • SCORM 2004: It is the most recent version. In addition to having all the features of SCORM 1.2, it also includes a sequencing and navigation application. This feature will further improve reusability, and you can add rich content interaction.

Why use GyrusAim LMS?

Apart from being SCORM-compliant, the GyrusAim LMS offers numerous features for an excellent classroom learning experience. You can use it to schedule, monitor, and train your staff. Its features include:

  • Assessments: You assess your employees' learning progress through various tests.
  • Certifications: The LMS gives you options for providing certificates for your employees achievements.
  • Competence Rating: You can know how competent your employee is and create content accordingly.
  • Gap Analysis: Using the data from the LSM, you can analyze the skill gap your organization currently has.

With GyrusAims LMS, you can build an efficient and more competent workforce.


  1. What will happen if I don't make SCORM-compliant content?
  2. If your content is not SCORM-conformant, then you won't be able to use it with LMS technologies that only support SCORM. Additionally, you have to make them compliant with the LMS you will use. And if you want to change your LMS, you must create content from scratch that is compliant with the new LMS.

  3. What is SCORM compliance?
  4. SCORM compliance means the LMS or the content incorporates SCORM's guidelines while building it. You can either learn the intricacies of SCORM and programme it directly into your content or LMS, OR, you can use a SCORM engine or SCORM driver to make them SCORM compliant quickly.

  5. What is a SCORM engine or a SCORM driver?
  6. The SCORM driver, now known as the RUSTIC driver, is a program that helps developers build codes to make content SCORM compatible. And a SCORM engine (the RUSTIC engine) provides the same functionality for the LMS. Additionally, you will get immense support from the RUSTIC engine and driver developers.

  7. What versions of SCORM does GyrusAim support?
  8. Gyrus AIM supports SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 (first, third, and fourth editions). It also helps AICC, Section 508, xAPI, and Tin Can API.