Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS

Viren Kapadia Dec 18, 2019
Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS

With the advent of the cloud-based learning management system, e-learning and online training have become highly effective for both corporate learners (employees) and students. Instructional designers can now develop and deploy e-learning courses that are not just easily accessible, but also very cost-efficient. But, do you know the major benefits of a cloud-based LMS? Scroll down to learn more.

A cloud-based LMS is the one that allows you to access and use the LMS without having to install any software or hardware. To access complete features of this learning solution, you and your learners simply have to log into a web portal, i.e. the service provider’s site. The instructional designers can directly upload the e-learning courses through their internet browsers. The information can be stored on the cloud and can be easily accessed by any approved users from any remote location.

Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS

  1. Data security

    Cloud-based LMSs are known for proving enhanced data security. Hence, the users can share anything important information without worrying about the security of their data. These learning management systems are hosted securely on platforms that are completely safe. If you choose the top online learning platform in Texas, USA, you will find that they allow the administrators to ensure that all the connections are secure, by enforcing SSL.

  2. Easy to install

    The best part about a cloud-based learning management system is that it is very easy to install within a very short time frame. This allows you to start working on the LMS from day one in a matter of a few hours. You can create and brand your portal, develop and deploy courses, and manage enrollments. Further, these learning management systems are very easy to adapt to because of their resemblance to social media platforms.

  3. Lower Set-Up Costs

    Set-up costs involved with a cloud-based LMS is very low. The very fact that you need not to dedicate your human resources or precious time to install programs, check if the software is installed organization-wide or hire a dedicated IT personnel to work out any glitches, is what makes a cloud-based LMS appealing for medium and small-scale organizations.

  4. Streamlined Automated Training

    Right from registration, and assignments to course delivery and course completion, a cloud-based LMS can automate every little element of your online training program. These LMSs are user-focused, easy to use and the perfect medium to ensure instant accessibility of learning materials to remote learners. Hence, it can be said that a cloud-based LMS is a value for money learning platform to invest in.

  5. Scalable

    Today, you might be a small organization, but in the coming future, you will certainly grow your business operations. Hence, you must look for a learning solution that is scalable and flexible. As your business and number of learners grows this LMS should easily accommodate this growth and ensure access to online training to every learner, according to their learning needs and time convenience.

  6. Mobile compatibility

    Almost everything is now accessed and browsed through mobile devices. Hence, making your online training materials compatible with mobile devices is an essential factor that should not be neglected. Taking this into consideration, cloud-based LMSs allow the learners to access to the software and learning materials through their smartphones and other mobile devices. As a result, there is a great improvement in training completion. They even provide real-time reporting, which is a great bonus point.

  7. Zero Hassles Of Management

    As stated above, installing a software in the hardware system of your computer is not essential, if you are using a cloud-based LMS. It is the LMS provider, who manages the software and the upgrades. Hence, all you need to do is just log in, assign the training.

  8. Budget-Friendly

    You need not to spend thousands of dollars to buy a professional LMS learning system near me online. You can stay well within just your budget, by buying a subscription licenses and hosting fee, and you need not to pay for maintenance and support. You also get the option to select the desired features you want in your LMS, rather than paying for the unnecessary bundled features.


Regardless of your budgetary or size concerns, a cloud-based LMS is the ideal choice for your organization. It allows you to offer cost-efficient, effective and flexible e-learning solutions to students and corporate learners, with enhanced security, automatic upgrades, minimal set-up costs, and quick deployment capabilities. So, do buy a cloud-based LMS for fulfilling your organization’s online training needs.

What is eLearning?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.

What is an LMS?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.


  • SCORM and AICC are an international standard for tracking E-Learning activities. xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) is the Learning Objects new standard. The Gyrus Learning Management System supports both of these standards.