Top LMS Trends of 2022

Viren Kapadia January 17, 2022
Top LMS Trends of 2022

We are spectators to this drastically evolving and revolutionizing era of the digital world. Learning Management System (LMS) has gained acclaim in recent times, though it has been prevalent since 1924 in the educational field. It is a software tool that aids in filing, managing, documenting, tracking, reviewing, reporting, automation, and making deliverables for programs/courses about education, training, and development.

The pandemic milieu has catalyzed the business and the educational sectors to continue teaching, training, skill, and enhancing users through online courses. This, in turn, necessitates the need for LMS to be used abundantly for delivering accurate results technologically and cost-efficiently. To solve the purpose, organizations are on the lookout for Cloud-based LMS solutions that are flexible, customizable, secure, and dependable. Such a need of the hour has to be determined by taking into consideration the fast-growing and changing trends of LMS in the coming years.

Significant LMS Trends to be Considered in 2022

  • Digital Content in all Formats

    Access to data is most prioritized by the users as the learning pace and form differ from one user to another. Hence LMS that puts forth the content in many formats as e-books, videos, audiobooks, or even digital libraries will be most opportune to be chosen by educational and business institutions. Visualized learning requires more communication with the consumer for a better understanding of concepts. Customizing the data in all formats to facilitate comprehension to each student should be the prime motive.

  • Hands-on Learning

    The effectiveness of any learning is directly attributed to the active-learning engagement provided. In the case of online learning, it holds optimum importance and boosts participation and comprehension. Interactive learning promotes students to partake in activities rather than passively learning about them from a book.Knowledge/skills that are procured with such learning experience prove more efficient and have higher rates of remembrance. LMS solutions that provide such experience through discussion platforms as query sessions, chat support, leader-boards, and such will attain better choice in Cloud-based LMS. This helps in finer grasping, better engagement with the source, more practice, and own research.

  • Big-Data Analytics Tool

    It is also a key point that the abundance of data provided is utilized to one’s fullest needs. This is when Big-Data analytics comes into play that it breaks down the complex process of scrutinizing big volumes of data to source required facts by the use of hidden templates, market trends, correlations, and end-user preferences. Organizations that consider this tool will find better beneficial results for their clients/students. Statistical analysis techniques like regression and clustering are applied to ease or sieve the sought data. Industries will pick LMS solutions that deliver enhanced filtration of vital information.

  • Virtual/ Augmented/ ExtendedReality

    The ever upgrading techniques in the technological aspect should be taken into account before choosing an appropriate LMS for the organization. These tools make learning more immersive by visualizing and imagining concepts rather than just learning about them. The use of these techniques via games, virtual coins, or badges can help better retain the imparted knowledge. This not only engages the end-user but also keeps each session more active and understandable. The experience of learning can be made more amusing and interesting, which leads to higher rates of apprehension. Companies that already use LMS should also think about upgrading and redesigning their current techniques with these extended learning methods.

  • Flexibility and Welfare

    The grasping ability of each student as well as the time availability of each person should be taken into account. This trend holds an important aspect, where companies need to choose an LMS that offers the flexibility of learning at one’s own pace or by using a device of their convenience such as laptop, mobile, or tablet. Business enterprises should consider the welfare of their employees and make sure that the data is available to them in their preferred formats, timings, sources, and techniques. Synchronous and asynchronous learning has to be poised in a manner to encourage better understanding.

  • More productivity

    The ultimatum of each organization should be to be more productive within the stipulated time. Hence, a significant trend to be considered while choosing an LMS is that it furnishes software tools to integrate and utilize the inputs to desired outputs. The end-users of these programs may be people from different backgrounds with varying and diversified degrees of skill and knowledge. This means that when a person works or learns remotely, he/she does it independently. Therefore it should be scrutinized accordingly that productivity should be at its maximum during the number of hours worked/ trained/learned.

  • Data Security

    With the humongous handiness of required data also comes the threat of data breaches because of spiteful hackers, human errors, or prejudice. Data security is one trend that will remain constant but needs to be augmented periodically by every industry. Keeping data breaches at its minimal and utilizing software tools that result in such security will be one of the important trends to consider while choosing an LMS. The loopholes that are existent in the network infrastructure need to be eradicated to protect and preserve valuable information. All safety protocols must be adhered to along with restricted domain access and cutting-edge technologies.


To conclude, the ever-changing methods of operation and approach have to be balanced with the upgrade and adaptation of corresponding tools and techniques. The current scenario demands educational institutions to teach and tutor their students online; and business enterprises to recruit, train and up-skill their employees virtually. Gyrus is one of the pioneers in providing optimum, innovative, and exceptional LMS solutions all over the world. The level of integrity, expertise, and commitment it offers to the clients exceeds expectations in implementing and supporting deliverables.

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