GyrusAim Supported Browsers

Browser Certified per specifications
(QA tested)
(reported bugs will be fixed)
(reported bugs will not be fixed)
Chrome (Windows and Mac) - Recommended Latest Latest-1 All others
Internet Explorer (Windows) Latest N/A All others
Firefox (Windows) Latest Latest-1 All others
Safari (iOS) Latest N/A All others
Microsoft Edge (Windows) Latest All others
Safari (Mac) Latest All Others
Chrome (Android Nexus Tablet 9 and Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone) Latest All Others


Latest means most recent stable browser version/OS released to the public at least 30 days prior to the start of testing for a given release cycle.

Certified per Specifications

Actively used in testing of new features by QA team. These browsers either handle all features or gracefully degrade to handle unsupported functionality. Browser specific defects will be fixed if technically possible.


Not actively used in testing. Reported bugs will be fixed.


These browsers may or may not work with our application. No testing is done on these browsers, and defects reported by clients will most likely not be fixed. These browsers may not be supported by their vendor, have very few users, and/or may have security concerns.