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Gyrus Systems help Services and Technology companies stay competitive and on top in a fast paced ever changing world.

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During the selection process, Gyrus always had a "we can do it" attitude towards making their product work for our business. They truly took an interest in understanding what makes Employment Plus, Inc. unique and looked for innovative ways to communicate that exceptionality through epUniversity. During Implementation, Gyrus blended onsite instruction, conference calls, virtual meetings and one on one conversations not only to aid, but to educate us on how to properly maintenance the system. They not only told us how, but why things were constructed in the system. - Ed Finn, Employment Plus

Solution for Services & Technology

How can we help?

LMS Service: At Gyrus Systems we understand the demands of fast paced business and we know that our clients depend on speed. Our employees know that in the technology industry it is very important to keep your employees highly informed on the latest advances and that everyday new information is being made readily available to the competition. We want to assist our customers in providing their employees with the most up-to-date information so they can hit the ground running each day. Being well versed in an industry is the key to market research and providing more innovative products and services.

Why you will love it?

Gyrus Systems focuses its efforts on producing cutting edge features that will help administrators automate processes, report efficiently, and easily develop employees. Employees in service and technology industries are taking more control of their training and development. This means providing self-service options, development paths, and career objectives. Administrators will love the ease of use and ability to manage large groups of employees in groups based on their job, their organization / department, and direct requirements. There are a variety of automated emails that will manage reminders and notifications for students so administrators can spend their time on other training and development tasks. Administrators will be able to leverage the system to drive employee engagement, and increase training success. Together, these features will help your company align training needs with business goals and outcomes.

Finding success with GyrusAim!

GyrusAim has two flagship features that will benefit students. The first, Individual Development Plan, will allow a student to view and take training based on where they currently are in the company. The second, gap analysis, will allow them to view and take training based on where they want to go in the company. These features can help with retention, succession planning, true employee development, and self-serve options that will reduce overall training costs. These features are complemented by all other aspects of the system, such as on the job training, classroom training forecasting, expiration and due date processes, and an easy to use interface that will increase employee adoption rates.