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Online Learning Platform System

Switch to an interactive Online Training System that is a tech-savvy Online Learning Platform for employee and customer training with exams & quizzes.

Solution for Online Training System

The increasing growth of online learning boils down to the need of choosing the best online learning platform. This industry is expected to grow at 5% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) from 2017 to 2022 with a huge $243 billion. Gyrus brings all your training needs together in an online training system, easy to use for both trainer and trainees.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

Specialized in delivering custom online training, our online training systems are designed for every user, small or large. You can give online courses via your own online learning platform with no costly server overhead. Fast conversion of offline course material into interactive content allows anyone and everyone to create any sort of course content.

Our training system is equipped with the following key features -

  • Content creation tools, like PPT, PDF, etc.
  • Tools for examining user behavior
  • Course authoring tool & capabilities
  • Gamification elements
  • Handy automation tools
  • Ease to track progress & create custom reports
Why Will You Love Our Online Learning Platform?

Why Will You Love Our Online Learning Platform?

As a web-based system, our learning platform brings all the benefits of online training at a single destination. It facilitates you to create different types of online courses considering your learners. Our feature-loaded learning platform offers better value for money by organizing cost-effective customer training, employee training, channel training, and others.

  • Up-to-date and easy to use designs
  • Mobile-responsive training system
  • Cloud hosting for reduced cost
  • Supports all sorts of interactive content
  • Timely online assessment & quizzes
  • Advanced management system
Why Choose GyrusAim?

Why Choose GyrusAim?

Do you have something useful and informative to share with your business staff, customer, or other audience? It’s the right decision to create online courses using web-based systems and target learners. With us, you can successfully meet all your L&D (Learning and Development) needs with the following benefits -

  • Fully customizable
  • Helps reach the targeted audience
  • 24/7 support
  • Affordable & extremely flexible
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 100% security
  • Large client base
  • Flexible course templates
  • Technical support from experts
  • Better learner performance

Do you want an online training system to conduct easy to run learning sessions for your staff and grow your business? Discuss your individual needs with us and get an advanced platform that will never let you down.