Online Employee Training Software Automate admin & training tasks via mobile-friendly online training software that is the best employee training software to boost employee productivity.

Solution for Online Employee Training Software

Supporting blended learning, our software for online training combines training with instructor-led training for better engagement. Our online employee training system serves businesses of all sizes. It allows for creating impactful courses that employees can access anywhere at any time. Whether they are at home, in a conference, or at an office, they can simply access the content by log on to their training course.

How Can We Help?

Your employee training can be better than your imagination and expectations with our software for online training. Development, delivery, and management of an employee training program become simpler using our advanced and feature-packed software. For now, let’s focus on how our online employee training system can become your strongest business asset.

  • Automate repeatable works
  • Reduces training disruptions
  • Saves training time
  • Stimulates quick course content creation
  • Saves training cost
  • Promotes easier management
How Can We Help?
Why Will You Love Our Online Training Software?

Why Will You Love Our Online Training Software?

Whether you’re a large growing business or a small enterprise, you'll find our online employee training system highly advantageous over traditional classroom-based training. It helps organizations to conduct and deliver effective employee learning sessions at a reassuringly fair price. It is packed with a comprehensive set of LMS features you need for effective online employee training. Here, we have enlisted the key features of our online training platforms:

  • User-friendly & intuitive interface
  • Enterprise integration through software for online training
  • Robust and customizable certification management tool
  • Self-paced and mobile learning solutions
  • Quick implementation and integration
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Strong content-builder to co-create material in a few clicks
  • Engaging gamification

Why Choose GyrusAim?

Managers and companies have successfully converted their knowledge into informative resources and shareable lessons to engage employees and accelerate their performance for fruitful impact on organizational growth. Want to know more about why our software for online training becomes a preferred choice of myriads of clients? It’s all in the following reasons -

  • In-person training through employee training software
  • Learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • Unlimited lessons
  • Boosted revenue
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Greater profitability
  • Scalable and flexible training
  • Round the clock support
Why Choose GyrusAim?

If you want to create a high-performing workforce, then capitalize on the benefits of our best business training software. Creating and delivering online employee training will become easier for both the employer and the employee. So, get started right away to train your staff, measure outcomes, and drive higher growth with employee training software.

Why should you invest in a Business Training Software and revamp your employee training?

The learning environment is continuously evolving. Training should foster active learning, interaction, engagement, and community building without seeming like a burden to any learner. This is why you should invest in employee training software.

  • Customized Programs

    The software for online training is carefully developed to cater to the specific needs of a particular department of an organization. Instead of organizing generic classroom training, an LMS can be employee-centric where the focus is on the learner. Whether it is sales training or customer service training, employees learn from programs that are specifically designed for them.

  • Lower Costs, Higher Returns With Online Training Platforms

    An organization will have to invest in implementing a business training software to meet its requirements. However, once implemented, you can avoid various costs that are generally associated with classroom training such as space, external resources, trainers, etc. The scalability of online training platforms makes it easier to use and includes a larger number of employees.

  • Barrier-Free Learning

    Forget about classrooms, scheduling time, informing all the employees, finding instructors, and other resources you need to organize to hold every training session. With the best business training software, the employees are free to access learning anywhere and anytime.

  • Engagement

    The blended learning and gamification techniques make the online training platforms more engaging and interactive. Employees are encouraged to share their learning progress, discuss queries and doubts in discussion panels, and help each other out. This sows the seeds of building employee relationships and a community within an organization that is not bound by their geography.

  • Performance Tracking

    One of the key advantages of implementing employee training software is that it allows you to track and analyze the progress of each employee in an organized manner. This helps organizations to identify the weaknesses and strengths of their employees.

  • Gamification

    Whether it is a 5-year-old kid or a 40-year-old man-Learning should be fun for all. Gamification is a process of using leaderboards where points, badges, certificates, rewards, and other similar statistics boost employees to perform better, track their progress, and instill a sense of competition among them. Healthy competition is always good for attaining better results.

  • Repetitive Learning

    Not everyone can learn everything on the first go. Online employee training system is developed in such a way that the lessons are frequently repeated so that the essential details and information gets permanent space in the employee's memory. Using quizzes, tests, flashcards, notes, videos, infographics, and a variety of other content forms, all the necessary information is reinforced at regular intervals. So get online training platforms today!

What is eLearning?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.

What is an LMS?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.


  • SCORM and AICC are an international standard for tracking E-Learning activities. xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) is the Learning Objects new standard. The Gyrus Learning Management System supports both of these standards.