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Gyrus Systems releases GyrusAim™ r16.- Featuring Badging


Richmond, VA · September 19, 2016. Gyrus Systems, a leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) developer,

announced today the release of GyrusAim r16.1 featuring exciting new features such as Badging, an internal maintenance menu, an extensive help module, improved global search capabilities, a more robust analytics module, and the ability to register for courses via email.

Gyrus Systems’ President and CEO, Viren Kapadia announced, “The newest and most exciting feature, badging is an exhilarating proposition for Gyrus Systems, as administrators can now use additional methodologies to motivate their users to complete training within the GyrusAim platform.” GyrusAim r16.1 utilizes Open Badges for its badging needs.

Open Badges is a unique component of the GyrusAim product, as it is an open standards system. GyrusAim is the first and so far only LMS on the market to adopt Open Badges’ open standards. Open badges allow Admins full control of their offerings and provide users intrinsic motivation to progress within their learning environment. The versatility and ease of badge generation from Open Badges itself allows for the lowest possible barriers to entry. Allowing firms to start badging their learning processes immediately and correctly. The Badges themselves can be earned both offline and online and are incredibly versatile; as they can be displayed within GyrusAim, as well as on social networking profiles, job sites, and websites.

By adopting an open standards system and integrating directly into the platform itself; Gyrus Systems has established the groundwork for massive growth in the learning and gamification industry. Whether badges are issued from one organization to many, badges can build upon each other and be stacked to express the full story of a user’s skills and achievements. Gyrus Systems continues to apply its distinctive brand of innovation to the Learning and Development market and is eager to continue growth in the gamification market segment.

About Gyrus

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Gyrus Systems offers an innovative learning management system that leverages the versatility of technology to enable learning for clients throughout the world. Since 1987, 450+ companies worldwide have used Gyrus Systems’ products to improve training effectiveness, organizational efficiency, and to attain greater success within their respective industries. Gyrus System’s award-winning learning management system, GyrusAim, can be found utilized by such renowned clients as Caterpillar, NOAA, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Magna, and Bentley Motors. For more information, please visit


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