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Gyrus Systems LMS Release 14.2

October 15, 2014. Gyrus Systems, a leader in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) industry is pleased to announce that our latest LMS Release, GyrusAim version r14.2 is now available.

This is our second major release of the year and contains more new features than any other update!  We continue to fulfill our promise of constant customer-driven product innovation.  In addition to significant performance increases based on a thorough analysis and optimization of the GyrusAim database, this release contains dozens of enhancements, several which are highlighted below.

 MobileAim – In addition to the latest GyrusAim release, Gyrus Systems is launching a brand new product called MobileAim! MobileAim opens up a whole new world of mobile learning to our customers for FREE! It is currently available for beta-testing.  After your r14.2 upgrade, download a pre-release for Androids at Google Play or visit Apple’s App Store. We invite all customers to install the app for testing and checkout the exciting new capability of going mobile with MobileAim.  You’ll be hearing more about MobileAim in a dedicated News Release very soon with many more details.

These functions are currently available in this pre-release version:

  •  Individual Development Plan (IDP) Screen – Monitor your training & development.
  •  Training for IDP Dashlet – Checkout what classes or eLearning are available.
  •  Enrollments – Sign-up for classes directly from your device.
  •  Assessments – Take an assessment and prove you know your stuff.
  •  ELearning – Play eLearning courses and gain skills while on-the-go.

GyrusAim Highlighted Features

 Pending List – A very useful addition to GyrusAim that allows for the storing of a list of students interested in a course, even if no classes yet exist for the course.  These students can be added to a course either by managers, or by the students themselves on the course catalog.  When enough students are signed-up, they can be enrolled directly from this list to classes for very easy full-cycle enrollment management of students.  If a student’s enrollment is cancelled they are moved back to the Pending List.  Coming soon is a Pending List report to show a list of courses by number of students on the Pending List for even easier management of enrollments.

 Twitter Dashlet – A brand new dashlet has been created that can be linked to a Twitter account.  This feature is designed to allow a company to display its Twitter information directly to users on their dashboard, thus always keeping them informed of the latest updates.  Combined with the existing Message Center feature, keeping employees up-to-date with the latest company information has never been easier.

 Google Analytics – The ability to deeply analyze all GyrusAim web-traffic is available via the new Google Analytics integration.  The integration works by connecting the GyrusAim site to all of the capabilities of Google Analytics.  The reporting possibilities are nearly endless.  For example, using this new feature, the ability is now available to analyze the most popular eLearning courses based on user-access count, hours spent, and more!  Please explore these possibilities by reading more about Google Analytic here.

 Reports – Lots of new reports have been added directly to the GyrusAim interface, located exactly where you need them in: assessments, certifications, classes, costs, courses, employees, evaluations, jobs, learning objects, questions, organizations, ratings, resources, roles & permissions, and skills. These reports list out the data in each of these areas, thus enabling you to easily verify it during implementation or for ongoing maintenance of your training data.

 EMail – EMail enhancements added in Manage My People and IDP allow managers to click an icon and email learners a list of unobtained skills.  This new function, combined with the ability to create personalized email notifications creates an extremely easy method by managers to remind their users of skills that still need to be obtained.

 Help – New Help icon added and with better visibility and more helptext available!  Help is constantly being added, but in this version, a special effort was made to expand the available help topics.


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