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Gyrus Systems Announces GyrusAim Version 12.6 Update

GyrusAim: V 12.6 release

Richmond, VA · January 21, 2013Gyrus Systems, a leader in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) announced today that there is a new 12.6 version update available for GyrusAim

LMS customers.

After receiving customer feedback, Gyrus Systems added more than 12 new functionality items: improved dashboard panel metrics, active and online user reporting functionality, expanded virtual resource management, SCORM engine upgrade to 2011.2, and more. The most significant added feature is the eCommerce module, which will allow customers to sell their training materials to third parties from within the GyrusAim application. The new version also offers new functionality and multiple enhancements in an effort to improve upon their existing product.

The new 12.6 version update is available to all current GyrusAim customers free of charge. Gyrus Systems offers multiple free upgrades to their customers each year. “We are very excited for this upgrade and look forward to collecting more feedback from our customers to continue to improve our product,” said Viren Kapadia, President & CEO of Gyrus Systems. “I believe our customers will be satisfied with this upgrade, as well as future upgrades of GyrusAim.”

About Gyrus

Gyrus Systems is the one-stop solution for the efficient management of any size training program. Since 1987, 425+ companies worldwide have put Gyrus Systems’ learning management technologies to work making their operation more efficient, more productive, and a greater contributor to the success of their organization. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. For more information, please visit


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