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Law Enforcement

GyrusAim helps manage all facets of training to meet local, state and federal compliance standards.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
For years, Gyrus has been our training partner helping us achieve our extremely complex and demanding training needs. Their newest product, GyrusAim, allows us to be even more efficient and effective with our training initiatives. We tell Gyrus what we need and they continually deliver. - Doug Friske, NOAA

Solution for Law Enforcement

How can we help?

It is critical that law enforcement agencies to meet local, state, and federal compliance standards. Departments must effectively manage and maintain the many facets of training. These can include practical exercises, physical skills, firearms, and equipment management. The end goal is to create legally defensible, lifelong training, and certification records for officers and instructors. GyrusAim is a web-based, enterprise training management system that can serve as the central repository for law enforcement training information. We understand your need for accuracy, reporting, and automation to get the most out of your resources.

Why you will love it?

GyrusAim is the ideal tool for tracking and reporting training occurrences, whether they are on the job, or in the classroom. Administrators will love that they can automate registration into classes, students can take eLearning from anywhere, and officers can self-report external training. The system allows for flexibility, which will enable your administrators to move from transactional tasks to transformational tasks. GyrusAim tracks needs analyses for specific jobs, organizations, and individuals for running reports on the entire organization to see requirements for compliance.

Finding success with GyrusAim!

GyrusAim can help law enforcement agencies lower costs, reach compliance requirements, and optimize training programs. Tracking a complete training history of your employees will be one less thing to worry about when establishing legal defenses of officer training. Gyrus's 'no delete' mentality should go a long way toward establishing an accurate and consistent system. GyrusAim also features configurable user fields that are defined by the end user. This will allow you to enter criteria for any specific internal certification standards officers are required to keep up with. Administrators can then run needs analyses to show who has or has not completed their required training. Training can be set to expire on intervals to automate the process, and due dates can be set on training to ensure it is being completed in a timely manner. All of our features are built to maintain compliance under the strictest of conditions.