Gap Analysis

Find the gaps in your organization’s skill require provide a means to fill the gaps. Just look at your employees, see the skill set that is best suited to your organization, now question, do they have the skills that your business needs to succeed?

If not, are you working towards hiring new talent and training your current workforce so that they start on that route? We incline to take a wide look at various components when defining our business strategy, but often, looking inwards is missed. Your workforce is the heart of your organization, but are you connecting their skills with your organization's strategy?

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Align Learning Strategy to achieve ultimate Business Goals

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Organizations that align training with their business goals tend to achieve nearly a 40% increase in their key business metrics than those that don’t?

Organizational goals are often fluid and change instantly, in response to fluctuations in the market. As a result, L&D teams can often be unsure where to put their efforts and how to align their learning strategy in a way that will result in the best outcomes for the business.

How you can fix this:

  • Take the time to regularly meet with department heads and business leaders to analyze their problems and goals.

  • Make decisions based upon data to make a positive impact.

  • Align your learning strategy with your organization’s overall KPIs.

Remember that your learning strategy should be a live document that can adapt to the changing needs of the business, so it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse – after all, you can’t make a positive impression on something that you can’t describe.

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Empower Your Learners with Personalized Learning Strategies

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Despite instilling a love of learning into your community of learners, they can often be held back by the uncertainty of where to start or in what direction to go.

We’ve found that there can often be an internal disconnect, however, as most stakeholders don’t see where their approach to learning can change.

When asked for the reasons that prohibited their workers from preparing for the future, business leaders’ most frequently mentioned workers’ fear of change. However, workers most commonly believed that the responsibility for preparing for the future fell squarely on them and they were unsure of where to start.

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Solutions available in the market

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This is where AI-powered Learning Platforms come into the picture, which offers tailored learning solutions at scale and allowing you to efficiently report on progress.

The true power of AI is only realized the more there is interaction with the platform and it begins to learn what works and what doesn’t for both learners and admins. In the case of skills identification and development, this task has traditionally fallen on learning professionals and it failed to give the learner a say in what skills they wanted to grow.

To conclude this we can say that, the L&D department’s work is never done. Just as the market never remains static, you shouldn’t be afraid to adapt your learning strategy to the new demands of the business.

Your people should have the skills required to ensure that your organization reaches its business goals, ensure that you’re well-informed and ready to identify how your learning strategy can work to change this scenario. To see how you can do this at scale, take GYRUS LMS Platform for a test and prepare yourself and your teams for the unknown.