Feedback and Evaluation

Feedback and Evaluation are essential parts of a curriculum and a complete learning experience. With Gyrus LMS, you can get feature-rich feedback and Evaluation for an enriched learning outcome.

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Gyrus LMS allows you to create your performance rubric to provide efficient and quality feedback. We aim to provide multiple feedback opportunities that support different formats. For a course, this is especially important as learners access the LMS content on various gadgets. Learning on mobiles, especially, needs to be completed in several short sessions, rather than a single, continuous session.

You can provide this feedback in real-time upon assessment completion using auto-correction and displaying on-screen LMS results. This feedback is on-screen, and it offers quick identification of whether the learner was correct or incorrect in the answers. It is followed by scoring and individual feedback.

Here is how proper feedback can help your employees:

  • It encourages student learning and course improvement.

  • It supports the Formative Assessment by relevant reasoning as to why a particular answer is incorrect.

  • It improves the engagement of the learners in completing their learning.

  • Such feedback support and reinforces learning during the assessment process.

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Evaluation is a distinct part of gauging the learners’ experience within the LMS. It helps you to determine the knowledge and skills attained by the learners. A correct evaluation process keeps your company’s training experience engaging and up-to-date.

Training administrators can use surveys to determine the learner's point of view in training. These surveys provided by the LMS are an efficient way to ensure learners share their preferences. Administrators can use these suggestions to design a fulfilling training experience for them.

Here are some features of the surveys that you can use to create surveys to have learners provide their training feedback:

  • Variety of Questions- Open-ended as well as Close-ended

  • Mandatory Credits Survey

  • Analysis of survey responses with detailed Survey Analytics report

  • Anonymous and Open surveys

  • Assessment surveys with a bound data-range

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Evaluation with Surveys

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We provide a range of surveys for evaluating the reactions of the learners. These surveys are delivered to the learner as soon as learning is recorded. The key is to include the right questions in the survey to get unbiased and honest feedback.

These can be in the form of questionnaires which can cover:

  • Satisfaction with the course material

  • Behaviour evaluation that measures the application of learning

  • The instructors and course delivery methods

  • Whether the learner has been able to apply what they learned to their career and work-life

Types of Evaluation Offered

Gyrus LMS provides you with an opportunity to gauge the learning process on various levels:

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Learner Evaluation
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Learner's Evaluation is the basic and the most critical Evaluation. The survey questions will be designed based on the competency level of the learners. The Evaluation of such questions is centred on the learners' answers-fixed, or the same answers can trigger the questionable behaviour of the survey participants.

Course and Facilitator Evaluation
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You can use these types of surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the mentor or the course facilitator. These surveys can provide information about how the course facilitator moderates the course. The results of this survey are supposed to change the way the course is moderated. A good facilitator should collaborate with the learning environment.

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Program Evaluation
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This survey is designed to measure the effectiveness of the whole learning program. Anyone can complete it. However, the point to be noted here is that the program evaluator‘s recommendations will differ from those of a course mentor or a learner.

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Use Gyrus for Comprehensive Feedback and Evaluation

A capable LMS can help you in developing online surveys in a simple yet effective manner. You can use the software's rich features to gain valuable information about your learners and their preferences and suggestions. You can create a more profound and meaningful learning experience that provides better learning outcomes.

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What is eLearning?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.

What is an LMS?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.


  • SCORM and AICC are an international standard for tracking E-Learning activities. xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) is the Learning Objects new standard. The Gyrus Learning Management System supports both of these standards.