Document Repository

Document Repository feature allows you to store all of your training documents in one central location. This also allows students to upload their training documents. Also to activate a dedicated section in which you can drop materials and allow users to upload and download materials they want to share. The objective is to create a new section, independent from the standard learning objects area that can be used by users to download attachments easily and quickly.

Learners can access important material that is not certainly formal learning but important nonetheless via the web or the mobile app. This could include:

  • Quick reference guides

  • Checklists

  • Document templates

  • Forms

  • How-to guides

  • Procedures documents

  • Standard Operating Process (SOPs)

The document repository makes it simpler to manage thousands of parts of training material by allowing you to:

  • Manage all your learning objects in a centralized document repository

  • Effortlessly publish a learning object into multiple courses

  • Use different types of a learning object in different courses

  • Within the course edit a learning object and automatically push the updated learning object to replace the old version

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Document management capabilities

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Master Admins can consolidate the content into folders for easy bundling of reference content as per subject or category so that it is easily structured for efficient searches. Once added, GyrusAim lets admins choose if a learning object should be added and made available in the knowledge repository for a specific period or permanently

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Add new categories
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You can add new categories in this feature, which will automatically be replicated in the area of the course of your platform (and vice-versa: if you create a new category in the Courses area it will automatically be replicated in the Document Repository).

In the Document Repository, you can find all training material uploaded directly into the Document Repository as well as categories dividing these training materials. You’ll notice that the categories are shared from the categories you created in the area of the course of the platform. Any objects that you’ve pushed from courses into the Document Repository will also appear here.

Learner-side view of knowledge repository
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As soon as learners access the repository, the LMS records and save their interactions and display it under the learning object with a checkmark. This enables the learner to know that this piece of content has already been accessed.

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Reform access and search and retrieval of documents
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GyrusAim provides users with Search and Filter options for ease in retrieving content. Learners can look for learning objects using the name of the folder, keywords, or the name of the learning object, and also sort through the results.

Knowledge repository view report
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Admins can track the views that each object receives in the document repository. Using built-in features, admins can check if learners have access to a particular content during a specified period. This feature helps admins comprehend if the uploaded content is popular with learners or requires re-positioning.

Now, new or updated learning materials can replace old ones with just a few clicks. Whether you choose to bundle your learning objects with SCORM, AICC or xAPI doesn’t matter. GyrusAim can recognize and unpack any of these standards and automatically populate your document repository.

The longer you use the Document Repository, the more training material it will house. Be cautious with your training material name, description, and thumbnails. Do use categories to better organize your material.

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