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What Is LMS Reporting, And How Does It Help Enterprises?


An LMS makes continuous learning more streamlined and intuitive. It also increases learner engagement. Additionally, you can track the training using LMS tools. Otherwise, how will you know that the staff training is benefiting you?

LMS reporting is a tool in a learning management system that helps you understand who uses your LMS. It can be your employees, trainees, clients, etc. The reporting tool can also tell you how they are using it. And you can see their progress.

In this article about LMS reporting, you will learn about its advantages, namely:

  1. Tracking Progress
  2. Analyzing Data
  3. Forwarding Reports
  4. Content Optimization
  5. Increasing Engagement

Gyrus LMS

The Gyrus LMS can provide you with the robust reporting functionality you need. You can use it to get timely, specific reports and send them to the appropriate people automatically. Its main features are:

  1. AI-powered Intuitive Feature
  2. World-class learning experiences
  3. 100% Cloud-Based
  4. Fully Scalable
  5. Simple integration
  6. Quick Deployment
  7. Robust Analytics and Reporting

How does LMS reporting help enterprises?

There is no question that training is beneficial for enterprises. Therefore, LMS reporting helps companies by making employee training more manageable. Below are some reasons why you should utilise the LMS reporting tools.

Tracking Progress

As mentioned above, the program helps track the employees’ learning progress. The program must improve the skills of your staff and fill the knowledge gaps. That will ultimately enhance their performance. So, to know that your program works, you need to see what is happening. And then, you can calculate the ROI

LMS reporting will give you a sense of the performance of your learning program. You will know:

  1. If your employees can complete the training,
  2. If there is something that you need to reconfigure,
  3. Attendance reports
  4. Dropout rates
  5. The parts of your training that are most beneficial
  6. The unuseful training modules

And you can track all this in real-time. So an LMS gives you real-time tracking to detect and rectify problems from the beginning.

Analyzing Data

Enterprises can benefit from an LMS reporting tool because of its ability to make data analysis easier. The device will have a centralised data analysis system and seamless data collection. As a result, you will save a lot of time and effort.

The most useful LMS report for data analysis is the Infographic report. These reports have an excellent visual presentation with icons and numbers. They are easy to understand, retain, and share.

Ensure that you use an LMS software with detailed infographic reporting functionality. Then you can get information such as the number of learners, groups, and courses. And you can know their scores and test pass rate.

Another helpful feature of LMS is the ability to present data visually. For example, it can use colors and icons to highlight important parts and quickly identify and analyze outcomes.

Forwarding Reports

Communication between team members and upper management is necessary for a successful training program. However, it is also a tedious process. The LMS reports can help you with this process.

You can usually schedule it to send reports automatically in a learning management system. You can set the frequency and the recipient list. Additionally, you can also set the content of your data reports. You won’t share the same information with both an LMS user and a non-user. With an LMS, you can use custom filters to choose relevant data to report. You can share these reports as data embedded in excel.

Content Optimization

The employee learning syllabus is not fixed. It changes regularly due to technological innovation and depends on the employees’ learning progress. Therefore, you should update it depending on how the training affects your job performance.

This situation is where LMS proves valuable, as it tells you exactly what you need to change in the content. First, you can find a pattern by regularly looking at the reports. Next, you can figure out what you need to add or subtract from the learning content based on these patterns. Then you can change the content based on the key performance indicators.

Increase Engagement

From LMS reports, you can understand how your staff learns. You can then adjust the content to engage your learners. For example, these reports can identify the best learning types and distribution methods for your employees. And you can know if they prefer videos, quizzes, or something else. This way, you can optimise content and the delivery method for better engagement.

Engagement is essential for efficient learning. It will help with retention and, thereby, faster absorption of information.

With LMS reportingWithout LMS reporting
Tracking progress is easy.Tracking progress is easy.
You can analyze the data from one place.You need to track individual progress for analysis individually.
You can automate forwarding the reports.You have to deliver the program reports manually.
You can quickly understand what to optimize.Understanding what to optimize will take lots of time.
You can pattern to understand engagement with minimum effort.You have to use more tedious means to find user engagement.


  • What is LMS reporting?
    LMS reporting refers to the reporting capabilities of a learning management system. These capabilities will ensure that your learning program delivers the desired effect.
  • How many levels of LMS reporting are there?
    There are three levels of reporting functionally on a modern LMS:
  • The Individual: you get the progress of an individual.
    The course: you get information about people on a particular learning course.
    The system-wide: you get the data about how learners engage with the learning course.
  • What is the most crucial benefit of LMS reporting?
    Content should be of prime importance in a learning program. So, the most crucial benefit is immediately recognizing patterns through reports and optimizing the content.

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