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Top 4 Key Emerging Trends In Learning Management System


Like every other industry, the educational sector is constantly evolving with new trends and techniques. For the last two decades, the e-learning system has been revolutionising the learning and development industry. The learning management system was first introduced by the UK in the early 90s, and since then it’s gradually developed and rapidly evolved to meet all modern needs. For the last two years, due to the global crisis, the demand for online training software has been deliberately rising.

Companies are investing in e-learning to mitigate costs while delivering advanced and customised learning content to their new-age workforce, who are working remotely due to this pandemic. This rapid growth will result in global booming & it is being estimated that the sector will cross 325 billion US dollars in the coming 2025. That is why to stay abreast in this trend sensitive world organizational heads must be well aware of the upcoming trends that will be storming the market this year. Here in this article, we will discuss the top 4 key emerging trends in learning management systems.

In the last two years, the world has seen some unexpected and monumental changes. As the workplace is shifted into study rooms and education is now device oriented so the demand for personalized educational content is on a high rise. Companies are focusing more on online open-source learning management systems to motivate and upgrade the workforce who are working remotely. Remote working has shown a lot of benefits, from reducing costs to increasing working hours. It has now become a profitable solution. But to keep them constantly updated with new techniques, tools and skillsets, cutting edge LMS tools are being used, which can be customised easily as per the requirements. Thus, industries are relying on certain technology trends that drive the learning management systems of modern days to assist the new generation of workers.

Similarly, the school has now shifted within the drawing room and learning is solely device-based. This transition from brick-and-mortar classrooms to digital classes has jeopardised the entire educational infrastructure. To cope with the new normal, both the teachers and students need to be upgraded with skills that will help both of them to learn and adhere to it. Thus, the LMS learning portal has changed rapidly to support these sudden and drastic changes in the educational system. New tools and methods are continuously evolving, and e-learning has reached a new threshold.

Before we jump into the new and upcoming trends in learning management systems, we must take a look at the ongoing trends. Knowing about the current trends will help us better to evaluate the upcoming ones. So, let’s get started with the current trends that are booming in the e-learning industry.

Ongoing Technology Trends of Learning Management Systems

  • Customized learning: Each individual is different, and so is their learning capabilities. It might take a little time for someone to learn and adapt to new skills, while it may take a week for others to adapt. Thus, the system needs a personalised format that helps each learner at their individual level. Modern open source learning management systems generate automated progress reports of each learner and also address the problem areas with effectiveness for each individual. Thus, it helps every individual to analyse their weak points, and this customised approach is revolutionising the e-learning world and will continue to evolve and develop in coming years.
  • Device first approach: The modern world is confined to smartphones and laptops. Both students and working professionals rely on several devices for their daily work and studies. Current LMS learning portals are extremely device-friendly and can be accessed from anywhere and from any device.
  • Virtual reality: For higher studies or complex training procedures, advanced technologies like AR and VR are included in the latest learning management systems. Virtual reality has drastically changed a learner’s perspective and gives both the trainer and learner a world-class experience.

Smarter Content Curation

Corporate trainers always store learning content for their employees to deliver it when needed. Most of the top learning management systems are providing a smarter content curation option that enables trained users to customise content as per job responsibilities as well as personalised suggestions. This helps the learner to pick courses that are suggested to them and that will enrich their current job role with the proper skill set.

Next Level Learning Analytics

Analytics is a useful tool for corporate training. The next level of analytics will help the corporate firm, along with the educational system, analyse individual performance to a greater extent. Futuristic Training tracking software will create a road map for each learner where they can determine their strengths and weaknesses simultaneously and will work on it.

Multiple device responsiveness

With the advent of the Internet of Things, LMS learning portal is now accessible from a greater number of devices from smartwatches to smart glass and even on smart TV. Apart from mobile devices, a learner can utilize almost any device to create an ecosystem of learning.

Social learning

These days, being social means being active on social platforms. Similarly, e-learning has also emerged into social platforms through creating a learner community and sharing learning materials on social handles and communities to be a part of global learning.


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