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Techniques Used in Training and Development of Employees


Training and development in HRM are one of the key contributors to an organization’s success. For the betterment of any organization, it is imperative to work on enhancing the skills and abilities of its employees. Better workplace results and structured behavioral changes can only be achieved if the employees have an enhanced thought process. So, what should we do to enhance the thought process and skills of employees? The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear this question is building a better training and development program for employees. Training and development of employees should not be something once done and left it should be everlasting so that your employees keep working on themselves till they reach excellence!

Employee training eliminates the weaknesses in employees and replaces them with refined skills so they can walk away with any problematic situation that comes their way. Though every organization knows the importance of training and development for employees yet some of them fail to build an effective online training platform for their employees. You wonder why? Well, most of the time the techniques and methods that organizations use for the training of employees are either traditional or inadequate. The methods and techniques for training and development of employees should be designed in such a way that they can deal with common challenges in an organization i.e., different learning and development habits of employees, dispersed workforce, lack of employee engagement as well as hectic schedules.

Let’s know some of the famous training methods and techniques for the training and development of employees:

Social Learning

Social learning is one of the most underrated employee training techniques. One of the reasons for this method being underrated is that it’s quite difficult to structure and control. But once organizations use this method for the training of employees, they reach their goal steadily. Integrating social learning into employee training strategy can be powerful as in this method, employees learn from their co-workers and build strong relationships with them. According to the great psychologist Albert Bandura, learning takes place in a social context and is a cognitive process. So, learning through this method can result in the all-around development of employees. One of the most important advantages of social learning is that it continues even beyond the formal training sessions. Social learning leads to retention of knowledge as your employees learn by observing their colleagues and get hands-on experience. Therefore, it is always a smart idea to implement social learning in your organization for better training and development of employees.


Mentoring as a training technique for employees has its benefits. Mentoring is one of those training methods where both the mentee and the mentor are benefitted during the training sessions. On one hand, the mentee gets the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight from someone who has a good experience i.e., the mentor, and on the other, the mentor gets the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge by sharing it with others. With this method, employees enjoy the guidance and support from an experienced member of the workplace and they can also get various tips and tricks to deal with problematic situations.

Job Rotation

Job rotation is a training technique that ensures one of the most important factors for better training of employees and that is employee engagement throughout the training sessions. Repetitive things during the training of employees exhaust their minds and they never take interest in whatever happens during their training program. Job rotation is something that eliminates the boredom of employees as it involves the rotation of employees between jobs at the same business. They keep getting different tasks to gain experience consequently promoting flexibility and employee engagement. Everyone needs a break, and job rotation makes sure employees get enough breaks from their energy-consuming job duties. Hence, it is always a good option to keep job rotation in your training methods list.

Management Games

For your modern employees, innovative training techniques are A MUST! If you want the true development of your employees, make sure they are interested to do whatever they have been asked for rather than doing it for the SAKE of doing it! Using management games as a training method for your employees serve a ton of benefits. Along with keeping your employees entertained and engaged, this technique helps to enhance their problem-solving skills and teamwork skills. Because of their tight schedule at work, your employees need some interesting activities in between. Management games not only help your employees to relieve their work stress but also help them to know how to manage their stress. With time management games, employees learn the importance of retention along with the tips to retain learning for the longest time.

Role Play

Roleplay is one of the common and effective training techniques that every employee loves to learn from. One of the major advantages of role play is that it builds confidence in employees especially in newcomers who feel nervousness and hesitation in taking up new challenges or be in challenging situations. With role-play, it becomes easy to put employees under challenging situations and teach them how to ace such situations. Roleplay also helps in improving the listening skills of employees as they have to properly listen to the other person to respond properly. In addition to this, employees also learn how to understand the body language of the person they are dealing with, and in this way; they face no or very few challenges in the real world.

Every organization needs a better employee training platform so that it can use various training methods and techniques for the development of its employees. To get one of the top learning management systems for employees, Gyrus would be your smart choice! It not only provides you with one of the best employee training platforms but also guides you at each step during the employee training sessions. The flexibility in Gyrus’ training platform is commendable as it focuses on the needs and interests of employees so they can actively participate in their training sessions rather than feel forced to do so.


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