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Talented Learning announced Gyrus as Top 15 “All-Purpose” Learning Systems Award Winners


Gyrus Systems, a leader in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) industry, proudly announced today that it has been recognized as part of the 2023 Top 15 “All-Purpose” Learning Systems Award Winners. The learning technology world is thriving in 2023. There are countless vendors of all shapes, sizes, missions, and methods. It’s relatively easy to spot high-profile players whose roadmaps are established and well-defined.

What Is the Talented Learning Top 20 LMS Award Selection Criteria?

With so many learning solutions, it’s impossible to review them all. That’s why we developed a rigorous nomination process to identify the best and weed out the rest. To be considered, every vendor must complete an in-depth 92-question capability survey and conduct an optional 60-minute executive briefing and demonstration with me. In addition to weighing a vendor’s functional, technical, service and support capabilities, we consider several other important subjective criteria. For example:

  • Have they participated in a Talented Learning-led LMS buying opportunity?
    When we help organizations select learning systems, we naturally evaluate vendors at a much deeper level during the purchasing and deployment process.
  • Are they members in good standing of the vendor community?
    When vendors drop the ball with customers, we hear about it. We make note of those instances and track them over time.
  • Do they contribute to industry thought leadership?
    Many vendors strive to educate the market with content that drives the whole industry forward. We pay attention to those who invest in this kind of outreach.
  • Do they demonstrate extended enterprise domain expertise?
    How deeply does a vendor focus on the unique needs of external (non-employee) audiences – customers, partners, gig workers, association members or other external audiences?

John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, says, “Gyrus Systems has quietly built a deep and highly configurable LMS solution ideal for employee learning, compliance, and performance management in small and medium business environments, as well local, state, and federal agencies. This solution’s strengths include ease of use, low total cost of ownership, skill and competencies support, audience segmentation, AI-assisted administration, as well as support for niche government requirements such as SF-182 and EHRI integration.“

“Vital industries rely on Gyrus’s Learning Management System (LMS) to prepare their workforce and we are honored to be the recipient of the top 15All-Purpose LMS award,”said Viren Kapadia, President,and CEO at Gyrus Systems.

About Talented Learning

Talented Learning is an independent research and consulting firm devoted to helping organizations of all sizes choose and use modern LMS solutions and related technologies for their unique business needs. Insights from Talented Learning help organizations at every stage of the learning technology implementation lifecycle, from business case development and requirements definition, to vendor evaluation and selection. The firm’s analysts also serve as trusted advisors to modern LMS vendors who must manage product positioning and roadmaps in today’s dynamic elearning landscape. For additional information visit

About Gyrus

Founded in 1987, Gyrus Systems supplies vital industries like manufacturing, healthcare, government, and construction with the platform they need to prepare their workforce for ever-changing landscapes. Our GyrusAim Learning Management System (LMS) is an industry-leading B2B SaaS service that’s flexible, easy to use, and holds up to the most challenging environments. Consistently ranked among the top 20 LMS systems, Gyrus is built to ensure our society’s most critical organizations have the prepared workforce they need to succeed.

Recognized for its ease of use, flexibility, and security, clients choose us because we are configured to respond to their complex requirements and are easily addressed with optimum efficiency. From ever-changing regulatory requirements to complex integrations and content requirements, Gyrus is purpose-built to help vital industries succeed. For more information, please visit


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