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How to Promote E-Learning within an Organization


To onboard employees in a true sense, an organization needs to focus on the ways to integrate eLearning for the training of employees. E-Learning makes sure that the learning and development of employees go hand in hand. It does not matter whether an organization is large or small, employee training through eLearning methods can be a huge game-changer. One of the important advantages of eLearning for an organization is the delivery of perfect training. When employees are trained through eLearning strategies, it empowers and entices them by embodying different emotions. E-Learning helps to eliminate the training and test anxiety in employees and they no longer resist being a part of the training sessions.

Training through eLearning strategies recreates all the fabulousness of training experience. The story that you present through eLearning videos resonates with your employees and they can access it anytime from any part of the world. The benefit of integrating eLearning in an organization is that the training session does not feel like a burden on employees it becomes something they look forward to! They start enjoying the process rather than making excuses to avoid it. The most important advantage of eLearning is that people soak in information at their own pace, there is no rush! They never go out of touch as the end-session assessments keep them alert. When employees learn through audio-visual content, they retain the information for the longest time.

Now that we have completely understood why eLearning is a MUST in an organization, we will focus on HOW we can promote eLearning within an organization. Let’s know:

Keep the eLearning blog posting on!

To boost employee engagement, eLearning blogs are a must. When regular blogs are posted, employees do not miss out on any important information about their online training. You can also include important tools and advice for employees in your corporate eLearning blogs. Search for various free blogging platforms that have eLearning themes, templates, apps, tools, etc. Also, make sure you offer real value to your employees rather than writing anything and making them doze off just after reading a few sentences. Everyone knows that “Consistency is the key” and this is what you have to apply. Staying active and posting valuable online training content regularly is appreciated by your employees. Always keep in mind your targeted audience and never write long boring blogs (Trust me, your employees would never read them). Keep your information short and useful if you want your employees to stay connected with your blogs.

Host engaging webinars

To keep your employees updated about upcoming corporate eLearning courses and events, you should host engaging webinars from time to time. One of the most important benefits of webinars is that your employees do not have to leave their home or office and waste time traveling. They can join the meeting from their comfort zone. In this way, they also understand the importance of eLearning for them. Hosting webinars is considered one of the most efficient ways of online employee training as you can deliver knowledge to your staff whenever, wherever you want. Another important point to note here is that through webinars, employees get free from the tension of missing their training program. On-demand webinars can be archived and viewed anytime your employees want. You should always host multiple webinars and divide your workforce into smaller groups. In this way, all the relevant information reaches each employee and they get their queries resolved on the spot. Also, employees who do not feel comfortable speaking in front of a large audience can express their views in a more private atmosphere.

Create a forum for online discussions

To promote eLearning within an organization, the creation of an online forum can be ideal. In this world of social media, online forums still hold the same importance that they used to! Keep organizing online discussions on topics relevant to eLearning i.e., different eLearning strategies, course content, etc. Create online discussion forums in such a way that your employees and stakeholders can connect over shared experiences. Ask questions from your employees, challenge them to achieve their goals, allow them to ask questions, post prompts, etc. During online discussion and debate, make sure the communication is clear. Give each employee a chance to put forth his/her opinion (Including the shy ones). Rather than communicating through emails, inform your employees through online discussions. Never forget to pin specific posts to the top of the discussion so that no one misses any important piece of information.

Design various eLearning newsletters

To promote a healthy work environment and build a strong connection with employees, it is important to timely publish employee newsletters. Keep creating a corporate eLearning newsletter every month and don’t forget to include all the important points related to eLearning in them. Make sure you spotlight a different eLearning topic every month. Include various eLearning training procedures in your newsletters so that your employees know what is expected of them and what they can expect from the organization. In your corporate eLearning newsletter, create a small column for employees so that they can express their views and demand changes if they want. Also, you can ask employees to submit their article ideas.

Be open to feedback

One of the most attractive advantages of eLearning is the exchange of feedbacks between an organization and its employees. When you take feedback from your employees, they feel heard and valued. After receiving feedback from employees, make sure you translate them into actionable goals. Also, don’t wait for months to get feedback, you should regularly ask for feedback from your employees so that they can express when they want something to change. Even if they like the training sessions, they can express that too by giving feedback. Organizing various surveys, creating polls on social media platforms are some of the ways to get feedback from the employees.

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