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5 Ways E-Learning Helps in Corporate Training


The world is becoming more digital every day. The learning platforms have also undergone a tremendous change, with everything going online. E-learning has been around even before COVID-19. E-Learning is becoming increasingly popular, especially in corporate offices, for training purposes. E-learning helps corporations save money by reducing the investment in repeated training courses and helps employees improve their skillsets and career objectives.

E-learning in corporate offices works as an investment by the organization to improve the human resources available to them and arm them with the latest technology and skills. These, in turn, help the corporate organization to achieve a competitive edge in the market and improve overall employee efficiency. By aligning the E-Learning program with the employee’s skillsets and career objectives, the organization increases the retention rates of its employees by constantly providing them with opportunities to focus on the career path of their choosing.

E-learning has become a vital part of corporate training as it offers inexpensive and flexible training options that help both the employees and the organization. The following are the ways in which e-learning helps in corporate training.

1.An inexpensive solution
Setting up an online training program is quite costly for the first time, but considering the long term, e-learning offers a total return on investment. The budget for arranging travel and stays for the employees associated with the traditional training program is completely cut down. Also, once the online training program is set, the organization can use or renew the same program for the next batch of employees, thus reducing the cost of the facilitators and trainers. Cost-saving is one of the most significant benefits of e-learning in corporate training.

2.Flexible and time-saving
E-learning offers a great deal of flexibility. The employees can access the E-learning platform at their convenience. While some of the LMS platforms like GyrusAims provide a great option where employees can access their E-Learning programs through mobile. The e-learning course can be accessed anytime and from anywhere, thus saving the employees’ commute time and thereby saving time for the organization. The employees can access the E-Learning training program in their own homes, making the program more effective.

3.Comprehensive and customised programmes
E-learning often provides engaging, relevant, and focused content without the opening and closing ceremonies associated with the traditional program. A few E-Learning platforms offer games and simulations, which help the employees understand the topic much better through visualization. The organization can also customise the E-Learning program so that it can be in line with the organization’s goals. The program can be customized so that the employees can get familiar with all the software, procedures, and compliance issues of the organization. By customizing the program, the organization can also protect its proprietary work procedures and quality techniques. The e-learning programs can be made more focused and topic-intensive and ensure consistency and standardization of the training. The training program can then be scaled to any number of employees.

4.Better Content Retention
E-Learning provides better visualization and interactive content of the concept by giving gamification, videos, animations, and simulations. It helps the employees retain the training topics more effectively. These are more beneficial for training the employees on newer software, adopting new technologies, or understanding the compliance procedures. With LMS products like GyrusAims, the employee can even visualize their learning path and provide a sense of achievement, which boosts morale and encourages them to continue the learning path.

Simulation of the real-time problems and practise allows the employees to practise the new set of skills in a safe environment, which in turn saves the organization’s further investment in practical training and minimises the chances of significant rectifications. With E-Learning, the employees can learn at their own pace, making them understand and retain the concepts of the topic as per their optimum capabilities.

5.Feedback, Reports, and Digital Records
Through gamification, puzzles, or quizzes, E-Learning offers immediate feedback on the understanding of the concept. An LMS product like GyrusAims provides an assessment at the end of the program where the employee can test their understanding of the concept of the topic. The result of the assessment, along with the explanation for each question, is immediately provided after the assessment. This kind of timely automated feedback is essential for the employee to understand the concept they need to revise before moving on to the next phase.

E-Learning LMS products like GyrusAims offer real-time data visualization and reporting along with learning effectiveness. With comprehensive reporting with complete analytics and insights, the employees can track their progress and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

E-learning also offers the administration and the organization comprehensive digital records of the employee’s progress and compliance. The administration can access the data anytime and can identify the person with a relevant skill set for any requirement of the organization. The digital records help both employees and the organization as the employees are able to get opportunities by updating their skillsets while the organization is in a position to identify the right person for the right post.

Difference Between Traditional Approach and LMS Product



E-Learning has become a pivotal part of the organization’s training program, and it will only continue to become an even more critical part of the organization’s overall development. With being cost-effective, flexible, transparent, interactive, and comprehensive, E-Learning offers a better choice than the traditional training program for both the employees and the organizations. The e-learning program provides a better ROI for the organization in the long term.

GyrusAims is an all-in-one product where the administration or the employees can customize their learning path according to the company’s goal or the employee’s skillsets and career objectives. It provides a better learner experience by designing a personalized and meaningful learning journey. GyrusAims also offers comprehensive reports and analytics of the learning journey of each individual so that the employee can identify their own strength and weaknesses in the topic. With the availability of a learning platform on mobile, GyrusAims offers a great deal of flexibility and accessibility.

GyrusAim LMS offers a free trial of the product through

The plans for GyrusAim LMS are shown in the following image.



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What is an LMS product?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that is specifically designed to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of educational content. It is an E-Learning platform that offers flexibility to the employees to improve their skill sets and to improve their competency. Few organisations use learning management systems (LMS) to keep their employees up to date on the ever-increasing corporate compliance.

What is the need for the employee to improve their competency?

In an increasingly competitive environment, employee must constantly increase their skillsets to get a competitive edge. Also, the employee can get better opportunities within the organization with better skill sets and competencies. Also, constantly improving their professional skills helps the employee to achieve their career objectives.

How is e-learning beneficial for the organization?

E-learning is only expensive during the implementation phase. But for the long term, e-learning is very economical. It also offers excellent flexibility and real-time data on the learning and competency progress of the employees.

How does e-learning offer flexibility?

With LMS products like GyrusAims, the employees are given an excellent opportunity to learn anywhere and anytime, even in the comfort of their own homes. The mobile app also offers more flexibility to the learner.

How can the employees track their understanding of the topic through E-Learning?

With an assessment at the end of each topic, the employees can track their understanding of the topic and find the areas of their weakness and strength.




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