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10 Common Misconceptions about Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Misconceptions about Learning Management Systems

Despite lots of recognition in the market, learning management systems are often regarded as something which is specifically meant for giant global organizations only. Don’t you think so as well?

Whatever you believe about an LMS, make it true to facts. Here in this blog, you will learn about some common misconceptions that business owners like you often think. Go through them, see the real picture and then form your opinion about learning management systems.

1.MYTH: LMS is a big expense

It cannot be denied that introducing new technology like an LMS in the organization does require a certain amount of investment. However, an LMS assures a huge return on investment, which pays off in the long run.

2.MYTH: LMS makes it essential to hire third-party experts

Hiring an instructional designer or a third-party expert is not essential for every training session. It is recommended to choose an LMS that offers easy-to-customize templates. This will make it easy for anyone in your team to modify or design the training content.

3.MYTH: LMS is effective only for a few employees

Many people believed the myth that online training is only meant for a few employees, belonging to certain departments. However, this is not true. Through an LMS, you can train all of your employees, irrespective of which department they belong to. One can even learn at his own pace, to make sure that each person gets enough time to hone his skills.

4.MYTH: LMS does not boost business growth

Big organizations enjoy a high position in the business world, as they have an improved bottom line. The more you promote an environment filled with creativity, learning and new ideas, the more your organization will grow. This is exactly what an LMS does for your organization.

5.MYTH: LMS does not promote learning engagement

E-learning systems are known to present learning materials in a way that engages the team members and promotes involved learning. Further, your employees get more engaged in learning when the LMS involves them in the skills they are going to learn and why.

6.MYTH: LMS does not offer the personalized learning experience

An LMS understands how precious each of your employees is for your organization. It will offer a personalized learning experience by understanding an individual’s learning needs and preferences. Try to choose an LMS that offers variegated learning methods, like social learning and personalized assessments.

7.MYTH: No work is needed on LMS after installing

You cannot simply install the LMS and then forget about the system. Once it is installed, you need to allocate qualified administrators to the LMS who will ensure the right evaluation of the system and that the right individuals are actively participating in the training course.

8.MYTH: A single LMS will work for generations

As technology keeps evolving, you may not be able to expect the same LMS to fulfill your organization’s needs forever. Your LMS will need to be changed or upgraded with time. You don’t want to be rigid about upgrading or changing your LMS to accommodate according to future needs.

9.MYTH: LMS’s performance in the market / Industry is poor

If you look at the market reports and surveys, you will find that LMS products perform very well in the market/industry and have often listed among the top tools for learning. This is why big organizations greatly rely on them.

10.MYTH: Learners work in isolation

An interactive learning environment is one of the biggest features of an LMS. Through the LMS your employees can interact with their peers, share their knowledge and completely engage in the learning environment.

An LMS prepares your employees for future challenges. It is not a burden, but a boon to small and medium scale organizations that wish to have a dedicated workforce and boost the organization’s growth


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