Benefits of Skills-Centric Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Sep 30, 2014
Benefits of Skills-Centric Learning Management Systems (LMS)

What are the Benefits of LMS and White Board for Employees?


Employees benefit by a skills management system because they're provided with:

  • A better understanding of quality proficiency related to their jobs
  • A clear view of what skills and skill gaps they currently have
  • A learning and development plan that takes into account their job-based skills requirements
  • A record of their learning and development achievements
  • Recognition of their skills and opportunities to use them in other assignments in the organization

How Managers Benefit from White Board and LMS Implementation


Through skills management, managers are presented with:

  • A clear picture of the skill requirements of their employees
  • An understanding of their employees’ skills strengths and weaknesses
  • An informed basis for career development planning discussions
  • Ability to develop prescriptive learning and development plans
  • A facility to identify subject matter experts for assignment-based work

What are the Benefits of LMS Implementation and White Board for Executives?


Executives need to know that their organization has the skills to fulfill business strategy. A well-implemented skill and learning management system provides:

  • A view of the capability of the organization
  • Proof that the organization is meeting regulatory requirements
  • Learning and development plans that are aligned with business strategy