Benefits of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in manufacturing

Aug 6, 2014

Global Manufacturing Companies Needs Effective Learning Systems

Global manufacturing companies, whether industrial, automotive or consumer are continually growing and changing and new regulations and up to date training is constant. Global manufacturing companies required simpler and more effective LMS which can reducing administrative time, while completely meeting all of the corporate and government regulations and standards.

What are the Key Benefits for Manufacturing Companies?

  1. LMS Improves Skills of Employees - Allowing employees to build skills and complete certification courses.
  2. Learning System Increase Employees Skills - Reduce production errors and cost over-runs by increasing employees’ skill and proficiency.
  3. LMS Manages Manufacturing - Track, manage, and certify compliance with regulatory bodies, such as the FDA, OSHA, the EPA and others.
  4. Learning System Influence Employee’s Performance - Generate and assess employee learning plans and performance.
  5. Manage Training Information - Manage training information from one central location, with data seamlessly populating from one system to another.
  6. Learning Systems Manage Training - Develop, deliver, and manage all types of training, including traditional classroom training, on-the-job training, self-paced e-Learning, online training, and more.
  7. Customizes Software for Company Manufacturing - Integrates out of the box or via customizations with ERP, HRIS and CRM software.
  8. LMS Takes to Global Business Community - Multilingual capability allow manufacturers to easily reach the global business community.
  9. Cope with Local Business Rules - Accounts for local business rules and processes across multiple states, provinces or countries.
  10. Improves productivity - Increase workforce productivity.

What are the Key Manufacturing Areas of LMS?

  • Employees can physically show what they have learned through exhibited assessments (OJT).
  • Comply with FDA, OSHA, the EPA and state and local authority regulations.
  • Comply with ISO 9001 standard.
  • Six Sigma training.
  • CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration).
  • Managing compliance training.
  • Current employees stay trained and up to date in their key areas.

Manufacturing companies can expect to improved quality, increased productivity, reduced production error, and reduced waste as a result of adopting robust GyrusAim Manufacturing learning management system.