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History of Gyrus Systems

Gyrus was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 1987. The company’s original founder, Robert Dust, streamlined and automated the training processes that training departments utilize worldwide. Gyrus’s first DOS-based Learning Management System was released later the same year. More than two decades later, and five generations of Learning Management Systems, Gyrus has implemented over 425 systems in more than a dozen countries.


In 1995, Gyrus developed a flag-ship product called Training Wizard.  There are still customers using Training Wizard today.  For more information on the history of Training Wizards, click here.


In 2007, Gyrus improved their LMS by changing from a Windows-based system to the first web-based LMS branded GyrusAim. From 2008-2012, Gyrus released a series of annual updates to GyrusAim that included upgrades, bug fixes and additional features and elements including new reports, chat, discussion forums and mobile components.


In 2010 Gyrus Systems relocated to Henrico, Virginia to accommodate internal growth and customer needs. Several years later, in 2013, Gyrus was chosen as a Learning Portal ‘Company to Watch’ by TrainingIndustry.com, in addition to being a finalist for the 2013 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award.


In 2014, Gyrus launched GyrusAim R14, a fifth-generation product.  With this release, GyrusAim was completely rewritten to include a more modern user-interface as well as hundreds of additional customer-requested features. Additional releases were created throughout the year facilitating the ongoing process of incorporating customer product requests into GyrusAim. 


In June of 2010, Gyrus Systems relocated its corporate headquarters from Richmond City, Virginia to nearby Henrico, Virginia.  The move came in preparation for an aggressive growth phase.  We needed more space and an updated working environment…so we got one.  Our new open office environment promotes collaboration from every leg of our organization.  Often times you can catch us drawing plans right up on the wall for everyone to provide feedback.  Gyrus Systems is a premier Virginia LMS provider.


We’re committed to making Gyrus Systems an even better place to work for our employees…The move is to ensure that Gyrus’ facility provides an environment which supports the company’s effort to provide our customers with the finest learning management products and services.President and CEO, Viren Kapadia
Why Gyrus Systems?
We’ve been in the LMS business since 1987, an important reason why leading companies use the GyrusAim Product Suite (GyrusAim, MobileAim, ImportAim).
We are “Here today and here tomorrow.” Get to know us, click “Learn More” below.

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