5 advantages of a learning management platform

Viren Kapadia May 25, 2021
5 advantages of a learning management platform

Learning management platforms are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the fact that they act as essential and quintessential tools of eLearning. Gyrus provides you with the best LMS that is easy to use, 100% cloud-based, and can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems and processes. A majority of online courses and training modules are made using learning management platforms, but their benefits extend beyond this important function as well. Here are the top 5 advantages of a learning management platform:

  • Structures and organizes eLearning content for better accessibility

    One of the biggest advantages of a learning management platform is that it helps in structuring and organizing important eLearning content in the most optimal manner. Instead of spreading out eLearning content in hard drives and other portable data storage devices that function offline, all the eLearning material can be simply stored in a single location. This is not just convenient for the person compiling training modules and content, but also for the employees who need to access these eLearning resources from time to time. Gyrus’ cloud-based learning management platform enables remote access for eLearning teams which makes it a natural fit for online collaboration and hassle-free learning.

    Another aspect of this advantage also includes unlimited access to learning materials, after they have been uploaded. This is supported through multiple devices such as tablets, laptops, and even mobile phones for easy access. Hence, eLearning teams do not have to wait till their next training session to work on their skills or optimize work-related tasks. Furthermore, this also enables teams across the globe to collaborate more efficiently, especially in the case of differing time zones.

  • Tracks and monitors progress and performance

    Advanced and intelligent learning management platforms, such as the ones provided by Gyrus, empower organizations by helping them track and monitor the progress and performance of their eLearning teams to ensure that they are meeting their performance milestones promptly. This helps in understanding the efficiency of the training modules and can help in making improvements in the resources for future learners. Moreover, if an employee is stuck at a certain level or is unable to complete an eLearning module, employers can offer supplementary resources to improve their learning behaviors and overall performance.

    Efficient learning management platforms such as Gyrus provide detailed and comprehensive reports and analytics to pinpoint problem areas in an eLearning course for effective and timely resolution. Moreover, if a majority of eLearners are struggling with a specific module, employers can access the content and make necessary modifications. Hence, through this constant tracking and monitoring, processes are optimized and the eLearning team can be evaluated at different stages of the training program.

  • Significantly reduces learning and developmental costs and time

    A good learning management platform reduces the efforts and resources an organization puts into employee training in two ways. First, a smart learning management platform reduces learning and development costs by a significant margin. This is because a learning management platform helps in eliminating expenditures such as the cost of printed eLearning materials, site rentals, and instructor travel costs. Since the training is carried out online, offline expenses are negated completely, which means that companies have a sizable sum for the learning and development budget.

    Second, an intelligent and cloud-based learning management platform, such as the one provided by Gyrus, can significantly reduce online training time due to optimized dissemination of learning material. This means that the learning management platform gives eLearning teams and online learners only the information they need in an organized and direct manner. Instead of sitting through entire modules, eLearning teams can save time by simply clicking on the modules they need and can facilitate learning in a much shorter period. Moreover, this is further boosted by provisions such as assessments, quizzes, interactive scenarios, and even videos that simplify complicated processes or tasks for better absorption and understanding.

  • Keeps company updated regarding compliance regulations

    Smart learning management platforms act and serve as invaluable tools especially for companies or organizations that have to stay updated regarding the latest compliance regulations. Compliance laws and regulations are subjected to changes and modifications regularly, and updating traditional modules or courses that are offline to incorporate these changes and modifications can be exhausting, time-consuming, and even inefficient. However, using cloud-based learning management platforms is one the best and easiest ways to add new compliance standards to existing online eLearning modules and courses, and this can be done in a matter of minutes.

    This can help organizations and companies in avoiding hefty penalties by ensuring that eLearning teams and corporate learners are aware of the latest compliance rules they need to keep in mind. Moreover, companies and organizations that utilize an efficient learning management platform have the power to ensure that every employee is on the same page when it comes to company policies and managing expectations for better customer satisfaction.

  • Integrates important social learning experiences

    Finally, a great learning management platform also makes it easy and simple to integrate important social learning experiences in an organization’s eLearning strategy or training modules. Due to the cloud-based nature of learning management platforms like the ones provided by Gyrus, employers can include links to online forums, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and Twitter pages, and other online platforms that might be beneficial and add to the learning process for the employees. Moreover, companies can capitalize and make the most of cloud-based learning management platforms by marketing their eLearning courses on different sites and social media applications to pull in new learners and formulate eLearning exercises that focus on peer collaboration.

    There are several advantages of a learning management platform, and when chosen correctly, it can add immense value to an organization or company. It is also important to keep in mind that finding a good learning management platform can be challenging, and one must avail free trials, conduct extensive research, and consider different pricing options before finalizing one that suits their company’s needs optimally.