15 Signs you should invest in Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Viren Kapadia Aug 01, 2019
15 Signs you should invest in Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

With an increasing need to train and develop employees, organizations are continuously looking for ways to deliver training in an efficient fashion. As a solution, the use of learning management systems has become a major trend that you too can take advantage of as a business owner. Here’s why -

  1. You are unable to analyze the effectiveness of training

    If your current training method is not helping you evaluate training effectiveness, an LMS can help. It helps you analyze how well your employees are grasping the knowledge and determine productivity improvements.

  2. You have a huge burden of costs

    Classroom training can be very expensive, due to venue costs, trainer fees, travel, and related expenditures. However, all of these costs can be minimized by using an LMS.

  3. You are revamping your product line

    If you are planning to completely revamp your product line or even making smaller changes, you will need to re-educate your employees, and an LMS can help you manage the process.

  4. You wish to provide compliance training

    An LMS helps you deliver effective compliance training to all your employees more efficiently than classroom training. A good LMS will also help you track your employee’s compliance.

  5. You wish to train employees in a remote location

    Many organizations now have a diverse workforce working at different locations around the world. An LMS that is easy-to-log-in from potentially any remote location creates a central point from which to provide training no matter where your employees are.

  6. Your content is boring

    The biggest reason why employees are not actively participating in training is usually boring content. However, with the gamification features in an LMS, you can provide an enhanced learning experience to the employees.

  7. You need training to be provided in different languages

    With an LMS, you can create custom training materials in different languages for your diverse workforce. Language is not a barrier with an LMS.

  8. Your training methods are not easy-to-access

    Classroom training and other methods may not be easy-to-access. If you invest in an LMS that is easy-to-access on all mobile devices and platforms, it will be easier for your employees to engage in training on the go.

  9. Training interventions do not seem to give a positive impact

    You are training your employees for a purpose. But, if your employees sometimes do not exhibit the needed skills after the training session, you could benefit from using an LMS. An LMS will help you engage your employees and track how much they have learned.

  10. You are unable to align with the latest technologies

    If you ever feel that technologies are advancing faster than your business is can keep up, an LMS would be a wise investment. Effective use of an LMS will help manage your employees’ training on the latest technologies.

  11. You are unable to effectively analyze feedback

    An LMS provides you the tools to train, track, report and also get feedback from your employees (learners). The consistent use of integrated post-course evaluations is important for fine-tuning and improving your offerings.

  12. You have a one-size-fits-all training program

    All of your employees are different, with different training needs and personalities. An LMS that offers a diverse range of personalization features to improve the way an employee engages in learning will help provide customized learning options for your learners.

  13. You want to onboard new hires

    An LMS is not just about training. You can also use it for efficient induction or onboarding of your new employees. You can use the video function to help the new employees get connected to your organization and up to speed on policies and procedures.

  14. The learners are using other platforms

    If you find that your employees are using other platforms to gain knowledge, this is a red flag that you must switch to learning management systems.

  15. You are not able to promote social learning

    If you wish to promote social learning, there is nothing better than a learning management system that allows employees to interact with each other.

Pay attention to the signs you are getting from your employees – it may just be time to begin online training with an LMS.