The Next Big Thing in Learning Management Systems

Viren Kapadia Jul 11, 2019
The Next Big Thing in Learning Management Systems

E-learning has considerably changed the way we learn and access knowledge online. With its ever-growing demand, reports assume that the e-learning global market would reach $331 billion by 2025. While on one hand, it is an amazing fact to know, on the other hand, it is an indication that a new era is dawning for online training and learning platforms. Hence, if you are a business owner, this is the right time for you to keep track of the major innovations that are going to revamp the e-learning and LMS landscape.

What’s the Next Big Thing in LMS: 8 Trends to Note

  1. Microlearning

    Back in 2018, microlearning was a strong trend, and it seems that it is only going to get better and better in 2019 and beyond. Microlearning helps organizations in implementing object driven learning in small chunks, which in turn, help the employees consume the information on-the-go. Examples of microlearning content include quick quizzes, 3-5 minute videos, and other easy-to-remember content.

  2. Augmented reality

    Growing rapidly, augmented reality is a mode that makes existing content more interesting to the learners. Generally, graphics and images are used to improve the value of content and attract the learners’ attention.

  3. Virtual reality

    Virtual reality is another trend that makes learning interesting and easy-to-grasp. Using 360-degree photographs, instructional design strategies, and interactions, organizations are widely using VR to enhance the learning experience of their employees. Organizations are also investing in cognitive learning products, which is specially meant for people with special needs.

  4. Mixed reality

    This is one of the biggest innovations in corporate learning environment. Known as a mix of AR and VR, mixed reality offers an environment where digital content and physical reality are combined. Hence, it allows interaction among virtual and real-world objects.

  5. Video virtualization and AI

    Do you know you can now access a specific part within a video by making a simple cognitive video search? AI and video virtualization have made it possible. Upon searching content within a video, the user gets access to a customized virtual video that consists of the specific data that the user wants. All the spoken words in the video are instantly transcribed via AI to produce accurate closed captions. Hence, AI has made online video education open to all the students, including those with special needs.

  6. Content curation

    Using content curation tools is very important to provide useful, targeted information to the learners. The very fact that content curation gives easy-to-access and just-in-time information to the learners is what promoting it as one of the best trends and innovations that will keep thrilling the e-learning industry in the near future.

  7. Social learning

    Social learning is another trend that is going to enhance the learning experience in 2019 and upcoming years as well. It is a trend that promotes collaboration among learners or employees through forums, learning circles, sharing sessions, and informal chat sessions. The social learning model that you know today is only the basic version. The future predicts a more sophisticated version that is certainly going to impact the way we interact, learn and share knowledge online.

  8. Open platforms

    Instead of expensive proprietary learning management systems, organizations are now more likely to move towards open platforms that cater to very niche requirements of business and are easy to integrate with various other systems. Open platforms give immense freedom to the learners to save learning materials, choose among them and learn at their own pace.

The next big innovations are just around the corner and are finally ready to offer you with an improved version of the technology. So, be prepared the future is going to surprise you for the future is going to surprise you.