How E-Learning Is Revolutionizing Employee Training?

Viren Kapadia June 11, 2021
How E-Learning Is Revolutionizing Employee Training?

The training is vital for every organization if they want to prepare the most diversified workforce. It’s not just beneficial from an employee’s point of view but also for the overall success of the organization. The form of training also affects the development of the employees. Technology is constantly evolving and so are the training methods. The most dynamic workforce today wants to work and learn at the same time. E-learning programs satisfy their needs in the best way possible. This also benefits the organizations as this does not lead to halting the work process while the employees are learning something new.

The feasibility of learning at remote places makes the space for e-learning programs as now learning is not restricted to confined areas. The organization demands the workforce be proactive where the employees can learn the smart ways of performing work.

Why have e-learning programs become the need of the hour?

Organizations can’t afford to lose the productive workforce where the employees want to keep themselves updated with the new knowledge and trends of the market. If the management is unable to provide them with the required resources, they look for another work environment where they can get the chance to outwit themselves. According to sources, more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies use e-learning programs , and 72% of organizations claim that it provides them with a competitive advantage.

To get the core functions of e-learning programs in the training platforms, it is crucial to know how it has contributed to the employee upliftment process. These training programs do so much more than just equipping the workforce. Let’s have a look:

  • Sufficient Employee Retention

    E-learning programs ensure that the retention rate of the employees increases by a certain percentage. The reason being employee satisfaction as now they will get to learn what’s new in the industry at their flexible schedules. There will be no need for the workforce to look for further training alternatives if they have the chance to outwit themselves in the current work environment.

  • Access the Productive Workforce

    The major benefit of E-learning programs is they are available 24/7 for the employees in the organization. Now, the training cannot hamper the work schedules of the organizations. This exquisite feature of this training program attracts the most productive employees as these people value time above anything else. These employees love to work and learn in the most economical ways.

  • Deliver a risk-free Environment

    A risk-free environment is developed only when the workforce is well aware of the threats and opportunities of the external dynamics. These dynamics can influence the work-life of the organization E-learning programs ensure that the workforce has sound knowledge of possible external failures so they can work proactively.

  • Encourage Flexible Lifestyle

    Every employee has a different pace of adapting to the changes and learning according to them. Some have good potential to learn fast while others learn comparatively slow in the work process. Research has shown that E-learning programs encourage flexible lifestyles as each employee can learn according to their work demands.

  • Guaranteed Consistency in Work Ethics

    Employees will comply with the work ethics of the organization only when they will be satisfied with their self-development. If the employees don’t see themselves growing in the workplace, they are not going to stay for long. Consistency in work ethics comes only when they are constantly reminded why they are in the organization. E-learning programs specify the motive of working and learning to the employees.

  • Reduces Learning time

    According to the records, E-learning programs reduce the learning time of employees by a whopping 60%. The reason is quite simple - “No fixed setup” for the training platforms. Remote learning has become the new normal in a demanding work environment where the employees can learn according to their time accessibility.

  • Educate the most Dynamic Workforce

    It’s not easy to form a dynamic workforce as the managers need to have brief information about the employee’s background. This helps in providing the right digital resource to the right employee. Imparting digital knowledge is a bit challenging as the requirements of each employee need to be accessed first. The actual success of the organization is verified when it has a variety of workforce who are skilled for performing numerous operations. Gyrus understands this need of the people by delivering the best E-learning programs.

  • Assure timely feedback of Employees

    The feedback of the employees should be of utmost importance for the organizations. It’s the workforce that does their internal marketing and shows their real image to the external stakeholders. Also, it helps the managers to understand the weak areas which the organization still needs to work upon. Conducting E-learning programs at regular intervals ensures the timely feedback of the employees. When the authorities know the needs of the employees, they will be clear of the direction in which they have to move forward.

  • Reduce Organisational Training Cost

    Training the employees incurs a massive cost to the company. With the employees learning in remote areas with E-learning programs reduces the overall training cost of the company. There is an additional cost attached to training rooms, travel, catering, and materials. Around 80% of the expenses goes to printing cost only.

  • Provide key resources

    With the change in the mode of training, the mode of resources is also changing. E-learning programs provide the key resources electronically to the employees. With no fixed setup, they can have access to these resources whenever they want. What else the employees need when they have the right resources at the right time.

According to Gyrus, E-learning programs have played a substantial role by transforming the ways of learning. It has proved its results when it comes to preparing the workforce according to the demands of the external dynamic environment. Still, have any doubts about this new-age learning program? Come to our website or contact us for further details.