Don't Ignore Instructor Led Training

Feb 13, 2010

Instructor Led Training is still the preferred venue of many learning organizations.

Even though eLearning and adaptive learning methodologies seem to have grabbed the headlines in learning organizations for the past ten years, the old style of training, viz., instructor led training has not gone away. Recent surveys even show that its use is increasing.

With the eLearning abandonment rate hovering around 80%, it often fails to deliver on its promise of being an effective training medium. Instructor led training is still the preferred venue of choice for many learning organizations.

The GyrusAim learning management system (LMS) does not forget the tedious processes that are required for a training department to be effective. GyrusAim simplifies the typical tasks associated with delivering a successful instructor-led training event: tasks such as scheduling, conflict checking, enrollments, cancellations, and notifications.

  • GyrusAim goes further than most learning management systems though. It provides block scheduling so that you can schedule multiple instances of a class based upon a schedule, yet giving full control over the entire course schedule.
  • GyrusAim provides for drop-in enrollments so that learners just get the training that they lack.
  • GyrusAim provides for online evaluations and assessments along with the reporting that makes it valuable to gather these statistics.
  • GyrusAim handles scheduling across multiple time zones so that a 10AM distance learning class in New York shows up as a 9AM class in Chicago.
  • GyrusAim handles self-reported training so that employee training outside the company can be recorded. They are not assigned to skills, but are useful for documentation purposes.
  • GyrusAim will automatically enroll the next learner when a class slot opens.
  • GyrusAim provides extensive resource tracking of everything from donuts to documents to computers, classrooms, and instructors.