Why Choose GyrusAim LMS?


The GyrusAim® Product components are designed to completely manage the learning & development programs of companies ranging from 20-25 user to multi-suite, enterprise organizations requiring complex training necessitated by hundreds of departments and tens of thousands of learners. The three innovative software components are GyrusAim®, MobileAim and ImportAim.




Skill Management



Assign and track skill development as student’s complete training from their list of requirements.




Competency Ratings



Create your own rating systems for skill level obtainment. Track competency in different skills.




Needs Analysis



Quickly find out who is non-compliant and in need of training.




Gap Analysis



Find the gaps in your organization’s skill requirements, and provide a means to close the gap.




Individual Development Plan



Give student’s the autonomy to track their own individual development plans.







Allow students to complete self-paced training. Supported formats include: SCORM, AICC, URL, Documents, Tin Can/xApi







Students can take tests on their own knowledge. Managers can give OJT tests to assess student’s knowledge.




Document Storage



Store all of your training documents in one central location. Allow students to upload their own training documents.




Feedback Evaluations



Utilize reactive and effective evaluations to get feedback on the effectiveness of your training.







Assign and track internal certifications. Run compliance reports on certification statuses.




Classroom Management



Schedule, monitor, and complete classroom training.







Assign instructors to classroom training.







Assign locations to classroom training so enrollees know where to show up for class.




Email Notifications



Send emails for class enrollment so students are always up to date.




Class Calendar



Display all classes on a calendar so students can easily find and enroll.







Use badges to increase engagement of your users in the system.







Schedule, launch, and track attendance of webinars.







Take your training on the go with the dedicated GyrusAim Mobile App.







Run reports to track and analyze training data.







View and print visual displays of analytic data.






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