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Why Manufacturing Industry love Gyrus

Train workforce

Train workforce, full-time or part-time

Configurable and automated emails

23 configurable and automated emails

Online assessments, webinars, and eLearning

Automate learning through online assessments, webinars, and eLearning

15 languages

Supports over 15 languages

Individual development plans

Create individual development plans according to the needs

Experience for each department

Personalized experience for each department or division according to the needs

Supports development with gap analysis

Supports development with gap analysis

Training processes without compromising the quality

Speeds up the training processes without compromising the quality

Manage, customize and update

Manage, customize and update the training contents

Gives mobility and accessibility (508 Compliance)

Gives mobility and accessibility (508 Compliance)

Cost of training and development

Trims down the cost of training and development

Gyrus System offers on-demand LMS for manufacturing for the professional development needs of the Manufacturing Industry.

  • Our Individual development plans (IDP) provide a clear path for the development of the Employees and the overall organization.
  • We provide an easy way to access the right training at the right time through our LMS for manufacturing
  • IDP improves productivity by providing up-to-date training and resources to employees.
  • Our Gap Analysis feature takes development further by letting employees see their current and required skill set.
  • The system integrates well with union training which improves safety and morale.
  • The LMS for manufacturing improves safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Enabled with an easy outlet to track and manage employee training initiatives and effectiveness.
  • Provides feedback and reporting analytics to evaluate training efforts.
  • Built-in assessments provide for randomized question pools and job training assessments.
  • GyrusAim offers the best LMS for manufacturing that makes competency management and regulatory compliance.

Gyrus Impacts

The Best LMS for the Manufacturing Sector

Convenient Tracking and Reporting

Convenient Tracking and Reporting

The manufacturing industry is a highly diversified and expanded industry that needs to be tracked widely. It is necessary for companies to know about the interest or negligence their courses are getting from their employees. This helps them to understand the employee’s needs better. Our reporting tools can provide individual data about each trainee and ensure the completion of courses.

Self-help nature

Self-help nature

Like the self-guiding nature of the Manufacturing Industry, our LMS is also geared with self-help tools. We believe that trainees can choose better if they are given the freedom to choose what's best for their growth. All the features in our LMS are well explained and trainees can follow the course by following self-explanatory steps.

End Certification

End Certification

The credibility of each course increases when trainees are given certificates to present in future. We provide inbuilt certification that can be provided after every training. Firms can fully customize their certificates according to their requirements. Firms can also track the progress of trainees through these certificates which will be helpful in assigning further roles in the Manufacturing Industry.



We provide employees with the freedom to learn in their comfort space and time. Our LMS can be accessed through wireless devices and courses can be taken anytime. The increasing mobility of our courses can improve trainees concentration providing better results.

Localization and Disability access

Localization and Disability access

The diverse nature of the Manufacturing Industry enables people from across the globe and various communities to work. Every individual is unique and comfortable in different languages. Our global nature enables us to be multilingual and we can support more than 15 languages. Your employees and customers across the globe take the same courses in their preferred language. We also believe in providing equal opportunities to people with language disabilities, providing disability access.


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of manufacturing companies are offering mobile learning to provide more learning flexibility.

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What is eLearning?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.

What is an LMS?

  • E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real-time tracking of training analytics, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with traditional learning methods.


  • SCORM and AICC are an international standard for tracking E-Learning activities. xAPI (formerly Tin Can API) is the Learning Objects new standard. The Gyrus Learning Management System supports both of these standards.