Gyrus Learning Management Systems focus on delivering innovation through a consistent process of assessment and evaluation. We understand the importance of assessments, as every learning needs to be assessed to test knowledge retention and concept reinforcement.

Better learning outcomes are only possible with sharpened skills and a unified training and assessment plan. Gyrus learning and development software can help you reprioritize employee development and elevate employee skills to give better business outcomes.

With Gyrus Learning Management Systems, you get to create OJT tests and evaluation assessments to serve as a benchmark. These assessments include short quizzes, pre-and post-learning surveys, and even detailed examinations. These assessments include everything to gauge the employee learning levels, including test results and their reporting.

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How Gyrus Assessments can help you

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Assessments are significant indicators of successful training. They indicate the completion rates of successful training conducted. Here is how our assessments can help you:

  • Uncover employee skill and understanding gaps

  • Gain more insight into decision making where workforce decisions are always data-driven.

  • Boost employee productivity

  • Measure progress with tracking and feedback

  • Encourage continuous improvement

  • Promote an atmosphere of continuous improvement

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How do Gyrus Assessments work?

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Gyrus Learning Management System has an in-built Assessment Builder that offers comprehensive testing opportunities and capabilities. You can utilize the LMS for both pre-tests and post-tests. You can design the assessments using the rich features available to truly evaluate the impact of employee training.

  • Question pool created and uploaded via CSV.

  • Time-bound assessments

  • Interactive questions with multimedia

  • Opportunity to measure course effectiveness

  • Randomized tests based on the question pool

  • Objective assessments with instant feedback

  • Multiple role assessments

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How Gyrus provides Assessment Analytics?

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Gyrus provides a comprehensive ability to provide assessment analytics. Just taking the assessment is not sufficient. Our LMS analytics track the type of response for every question that is part of the assessment. The results are expressed as a percentage for a more precise understanding by the examinee.

  • How many people answer a specific question correctly?

  • Which are the questions that are mostly answered correctly?

  • Which are the questions which are mostly answered incorrectly?

  • Comparison of correct vs. incorrect questions

  • What are the trends for a user group?

  • What is the area of expertise and the area of weakness for the assessment group?

  • What is the change in performance before and after an assessment?

  • How useful has the assessment been?

The results provided by the Assessment Analytics are in the form of reports on an individual and a Group basis. These insights prove to be useful for trainers and administrators. Based on these results, you can plan to make changes to the course curriculum or add new content that promises more competencies.

Trend comparison is another beneficial outcome of the whole assessment process. You can use the Gyrus LMS to compare the performance trends across groups of employees, teams, or even individual learners. This trend comparison can help you plan any remedial action or subsidiary training.

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Gyrus User Assessment Reports
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Gyrus Assessments provide you with detailed user assessment reports. These reports provide the completion and non-completion status of the assessment and present the data in a concise graphical format to study trends and analyze performances.

Each report has a score column that shows the individual's answer and the score allotted. This can help administrators track their learners' performance and accordingly build training modules customized for individual training needs.

Use Gyrus LMS for better learning outcomes
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We provide a detailed interactions report for every user or a group of users. Overall, Gyrus LMS makes the learning course more useful and efficient for learners, providing them with valuable insights on performance rather than just pushing them through the completion of courses.

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