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Virtual Learning Organizations

If you expect your people to multitask, why don’t you expect your organization to multitask also? Why bind yourself to a single organization structure?

You constantly group people in many different ways: by product lines, by job functions, by geography, by projects, by job grades, and by customers for example. Your LMS should provide the same flexibility.

Use the concept of Virtual Learning Organizations (VLO) to slice and dice your training in any way that you see fit. Compare training in east with training in the west; identify problems with management training; focus on product training for the new line being introduced next quarter; and create skill requirements for members of a new project, thus enhancing the staff members’ individual development plans.

With VLOs, you are not bound to install-time decisions for extracting useful information from your LMS. Create VLOs on the fly, use them and destroy them without affecting any training activity; or create permanent VLOs for permanent and comparative reporting or skills management power.

With VLOs, specific organizational requirements can be cascaded throughout any organizational hierarchy and customized at any level.

GyrusAim, the LMS by Gyrus, provides unlimited VLOs. Within each VLO, you have an unlimited number of organization units. You have an unlimited number of organization levels so that you can make your organizations as granular or as broad as you want.