We have used GyrusAim for more than a year. Without a doubt it is a powerful and complex program. I must also state, the individuals at Gyrus who provide support to the customer are available and prompt. Typical communication methods are telephone or E-mail. I call they are there, I send an e-mail they respond. They respond and follow up on responses. Nothing is left to chance, everyone at Gyrus listens, ask question and clearly define the issue a customer has. You are not rushed off the phone or neglected in any way. GyrusAim is a great tool for supporting change, skills development and employee proficiency.Ollen Broussard, Caterpillar – Louisiana Machinery

How Can We Help?

Manufacturing companies are continually growing, changing and improving their competency management efforts, at the same time keeping up with new regulations and rulemaking. GyrusAim provides on-demand training for professional development needs. Individual development plans (IDP) provide a clear path for development and an easy way to access the right training at the right time. Having an IDP improves productivity by providing up-to-date training and resources to employees. Our Gap Analysis feature takes development to the next level by allowing employees to compare their current skills with skill requirements of other jobs in their career path. The system integrates well with union training, improves safety, and increases morale !


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Why Your Training Administrator Will Love It?

GyrusAim Learning Management System (LMS) easily improves safety and regulatory compliance and quickly provides reports to executives and officials. It provides an easy outlet to track and manage employee training initiatives and effectiveness. Feedback and reporting analytics provide for objective, fact-based decision making when it comes to evaluating training efforts. Automation of most training tasks will allow your administrators to shift their work from the transactional to the transformational. Built in assessments provide for randomized question pools, as well as, on the job training assessments. These assessments are also used for on the job training and on the job evaluations! GyrusAim offers a software platform that makes competency management and regulatory compliance easy, effective and within budget. Training administrators can rest assured that regulations set by OSHA and the EPA are tracked and reportable. It is scalable in both IT and budget terms.


Finding Success with GyrusAim

GyrusAim Learning Management System (LMS) improves competitiveness by creating organizational and job development plans for employees to achieve. We streamline efficiency, consistency and information flow by providing employees an easy work flow to achieve their individual development needs. Competencies can be managed by individual, job, organization, or internal certification giving companies the flexibility they need to update, add, and remove skill sets. With the tools we provide for competency and skill management, organizations should be able to realize a reduction in injuries and accidents, reduction in defects, and an increase in regulatory compliance. Manager involvement in the LMS can improve the employee review process, foster teamwork, and aid in union contract management efforts. GyrusAim is Skill-centric in nature and designed specifically for support of ISO 9001 competency management. 


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