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Product Suite Summary – Enterprise class learning features for all companies, both big and small.

The GyrusAim Product Suite is designed to completely manage the learning & development programs of companies ranging from 20-25 users to multi-site, enterprise organizations requiring complex training necessitated by hundreds of departments and tens of thousands of learners.  The Suite consists of three innovative software applications: GyrusAim, MobileAim, and ImportAim.



GyrusAim functions as the core learning management system that provides instructor-led training, eLearning, assessments, virtual classrooms, evaluations, gap analysis, management tools, and many other features.  Training progress is shown on easy-to-understand Individual development plans and dashboards.  Managers enjoy the ability to quickly access training records at organizational, job, certification, or employee levels thus simplifying training planning and analysis.  Efficiency is high because of logical grouping of menus via a clean and uncluttered user interface which easily leads users to their intended function.  It is skill-centric which simplifies the ability to offer training at organizational, job, certification, and learner levels.  GyrusAim is an adaptable and complete out-of-the-box LMS solution with the key features required to eliminate the complexity of purchasing additional software from third-party vendors.


Organizational Learning

Training managers have total visibility into a learner’s skill goals, skill gap, and skill completion progress. ELearning and instructor-led training can be assigned to learners and progress monitored to ensure organizational or job training goals are met and compliance achieved.

Course and Class Course and Class
Leverage Gyrus Systems’ 25+ years of software development experience by enjoying a combination of ILT features simply not found in other learning management systems.
Virtual Classrooms Virtual Classrooms
Virtual classrooms using Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, and Skype are extremely useful to enhance training by combining the benefit of a “live” instructor but in a virtual eLearning environment.
Assessments Assessments
Assessments are deeply integrated with GyrusAim and MobileAim so the purchase of a third-party assessment tool is unnecessary which eliminates costs, integrations, and complexity. GyrusAim assessments link to both instructor led training and eLearning events. Assessments can include unlimited questions, links to videos and images, and can allow learners to “test-out” of training by achieving a passing score.
Internal Certifications Internal Certifications
Complete set up of certifications with multiple skills available for effective management of user’s certification statuses, retraining windows, and recertification periods. Easily view a snapshot of your entire organization’s certification statuses by use of included compliance reporting.
eLearning or Distance Learning eLearning or Distance Learning
GyrusAim not only manages instructor-led training, but eLearning too. As the experts in Training & Development software we’ve created rich eLearning features that empower any company to quickly and simply integrate eLearning functions into their Training & Development program.
Documents and Videos Documents and Videos
GyrusAim is flexible enough to allow for the importing of almost any type of document which can be made available to learners as “eLearning.” Furthermore, links to both internal and external online training can be created to maximize the types of eLearning provided.

 Classroom Management

Class Content Management Class Content Management
Unlimited learning events, assessments, and evaluations can all be scheduled into single or multi-day classes.  Classes can be cloned for super-simple rescheduling of events; a huge time-saver.  Skill prerequisites can be assigned to guarantee learners don’t get stuck in a class that’s beyond their comprehension.
Wait List Wait List
If a class is full, employees can elect to place themselves on a wait list. If a seat becomes vacant, students are automatically moved from wait list to enrolled.
Class Resource Management Class Resource Management
Instructors, training locations, virtual documents, costs, and classroom supplies can all be managed in GyrusAim to ensure class preparations are 100% accurate and completed before the class begins.
Class Reservation Class Reservation
Individual departments can reserve enrollments in classes to “lock-in” these seats for their learners.  In this way, distributed class attendance can be guaranteed across the entire organization instead of one or two departments completely filling up a class.
Evaluations Evaluations
Content, instructors, and locations can be evaluated by learners for continuous improvement of the training and development program.
Course Interest List Course Interest List
Allows students to express interest in a course, even if no classes are scheduled.  This feature eliminates extra paperwork and effort spent managing this process.  Interested learners are easily turned into enrolled learners.

Employee Development

Skill Centric Skill Centric
Skill-centric training for comprehensive management of training program. Allows for automated learning management with due dates, expiration dates, and email notifications.
Individual Development Plan (IDP) Individual Development Plan (IDP)
In-depth management of individual development plans which combine organization, job, certification, and employee required and obtained skills provide an accurate comparison of learner achievement versus plan objectives.
Transcripts Transcripts
Two types of transcripts exist in GyrusAim. The Training transcript gives a list of all trainings (scheduled or virtual) that have been completed by an employee. The skill transcript is a list of all skills that have been obtained from training.
Gap Analysis Gap Analysis
Dealing with the skill-gap is a big topic in training and development. We have featured gap-analysis in our product for over a decade. Gap-Analysis allows an employee to compare their current skill set with the skill levels required for other jobs in the organization.


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Reporting, Management, and Automation


Reports Reports
A comprehensive reporting package puts management data at your fingertips. Data can be reviewed from the top down or bottom up for quick analysis of training goals achieved, learner engagement, training forecasting, and development needs.
Manage My People (MMP) Manage My People (MMP)
Managers have the ability to administer exhibited assessments, send reminders for training, enroll students in required training, and approve training requests. Allowing managers to take some of the administrative burden off of training managers allows the training department to perform more transformational tasks.
Email Settings Email Settings
Automatic emails sent for all enrollment status changes (enrolled, cancelled, waitlisted and more) both student and supervisor so everybody is kept up-to-date all of the time All emails send in the system are configurable to fit the culture of your organization.
Class Calendar Class Calendar
Training calendar for consolidation of all scheduled training activity. Allows for students to easily see and enroll in open classes. Students can view and print the calendar, reducing the time adminstrators spend managing classes.

Highly Configurable and Easy to Use

Global Search Global Search
Easily find any data in the LMS with just a few clicks of the mouse. As long as security settings permit, the data can be quickly accessed.
User Fields User Fields
If all of our basic fields are not enough to capture the training information you require, we have custom fields that can be activated.
GyrusAim is compliant with the latest xAPI standard which creates the foundation for many exciting features in the future such as gamification, simulations, tracking offline learning, and more. SCORM is the most widely used eLearning standard, thus most likely existing content does not have be swapped out when GyrusAim is implemented.
System Administration System Administration
GyrusAim stores data securely and limits access to private records using over 200 permissions. Roles can be quickly cloned and applied to users for rapid adaptability in ever-changing and dynamic training environments.
Multi-Course Import Multi-Course Import
Hundreds of eLearning courses can be uploaded in a single step so it’s very easy to get started with GyrusAim.
Help Text Help Text
Every screen in GyrusAim has help text associated with it. The helptext is useful to all users, from administrators to students.

Benefits of GyrusAim

Completely tunable to maximize training and administrative efficiency for companies of all sizes and in any industry resulting in an LMS that adapts as business and training needs change, thus eliminating the needs to switch to another LMS.
All-In-One Solution
Out-of-the-box solution with all features required preventing the complexity of purchasing additional software from alternate vendors.
Easy to Use
Easy and quick to implement based on extremely intuitive design, allowing Go-Live in as little as three days.
Available in a private or shared cloud environment, or installable at your location to meet your data security and accessibility needs. 
GyrusAim automates email reminders and notifications, training expiration notifications, and due date notifications. Once configured, you can have a fully automated LMS that leaves you time for more productive tasks.
Extremely secure with over two hundred permissions allowing full administration of application features for all users.

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Take a closer look at our product. Speak to one of our experience sales consultants. We will set up a customer specific demo based on our initial discussion and your needs.





MobileAim offers key GyrusAim features such as individual development plans, eLearning, assessments, enrollments, and management tools available “on-the-go” in this fully responsive mobile web app for Android and Apple devices.  Using MobileAim, learners can review eLearning wherever they want, thus expanding their training opportunities, ultimately leading to more highly trained employees.

Phone Tablet and Desktop View


Individual Development Plan (IDP) Individual Development Plan (IDP)
Unique per user, Individual Development Plans show all developmental requirements based on organizational, job, certification, and user needs.  Using IDPs learners quickly ascertain both completed and open requirements eliminating the frustration caused by complicated and multiple screens of data.

Training for IDP Training for IDP
Training for IDP quickly displays the actual training available for user’s developmental requirements.  Like the IDP screen this screen is designed to be easy to understand, thus allowing learners to launch training and enroll in classes extremely quickly without confusion, increasing completed training and decreasing calls to managers and help desks by vexed users.

My Enrollments My Enrollments
A screen designed specifically for the management of user enrollments.  Shows enrollment statuses of learner’s scheduled and eLearning events in an easy-to-understand format for all users.

My Assessments My Assessments
Using this screen learners can access all of their assigned assessments (tests).  So simply by accessing this area learners can complete tests, send results to GyrusAim, and receive scores virtually instantaneously.  Results are updated globally within GyrusAim, allowing supervisors to manage their staff in real-time.

eLearning eLearning
Launch eLearning content directly from your mobile device!  Enables learning to be freed from an office network connection to truly expand where learning can take place.

Downloads Downloads
Easily access and manage all supplemental documents. Learners can take job aids from class and have them available at any time.

Manage My People Manage My People
Managers can use MobileAim to view a student’s IDP and Enrollments right on their mobile device.  Managers will also be able to give assessments to employees on the go.  This means real-time on the job training and assessment submission.

Pending Approvals Pending Approvals
Now, managers can approve training on the go.  In the newest release of MobileAim we have included manager features.  This means that when a student requires approval on an enrollment, the manager can have a faster response time.


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Take a closer look at our product. Speak to one of our experience sales consultants. We will set up a customer specific demo based on our initial discussion and your needs.




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