Examples of LMS Use Case Scenarios

Implementation, LMS  By: Tom Coltrain

Last week we took a look and writing a Meaningful LMS Use Case Scenario.  This week we will try to outline some of the most basic scenarios to help you in brainstorming for your own organization.

  Keep in mind that use cases need to fit your organization needs for an LMS.  For example, it wouldn’t be useful for you to use our use case on eLearning, if your organization has no intention of using eLearning for training.

We will take a look at some of the use cases by role.  These should give you a good idea of the items to be demonstrated during an LMS demo.  Use cases can also be organized by workflow.  Feel free to use the use cases below in your own demonstrations.  It’s important to note that any of the use cases provided can be combined or edited to fit the needs of your organization.

Student Role

  • Demonstrate the student’s ability to launch eLearning courses.  Show how they would be able to stop the course and resume at a later time.  Show how the student can track their progress through the course.
  • Demonstrate the student’s ability to find a class that is required of them and self-enroll.  Show how the student could cancel their enrollment if they needed to.
  • Show how a student would take an assessment in the LMS.  If the student were to pass the assessment, show how they can print a report of their score.  If the student were to fail the assessment, show how they could review their answers.
  • Explain how certifications can be used in your LMS.  Demonstrate how students would interact with certifications.
  • Display a student’s training transcript.  Show what options the student has for exporting the transcript.
  • Demonstrate how students can review upcoming training needs.  Show where students will see expiration dates on recurrent training or due dates on new training.
  • Show how students will be able to review their current enrollments.  Show any waitlist, hold, favorite, wish list, or other enrollment options for the student user.
  • Demonstrate how students will be able to upload documents to complement their training endeavors. 
  • Demonstrate how students can enter their own training records from conferences or external training attended outside the organization.

Manager Role

  • Demonstrate how managers can review their subordinates in the LMS.  Show what employee information they will have access to.
  • Demonstrate how a manager would enroll students in training.  Show how the manager would be able to see what each of his/her subordinates are currently enrolled in.
  • Display which reports can be run by managers.
  • Show how a manager would give an assessment to a subordinate.  Show how a manager would review subordinate assessment scores.
  • Demonstrate how a manager can review training requirements of subordinates.  Show how the manager would review expiration dates on recurrent training and due dates on upcoming training.
  • Demonstrate the approval process for managers.  Include in your demonstration:

    • Approving student’s self-reported training
    • Approving enrollment in a class
    • Approving certification enrollment
    • Approving enrollment in eLearning

Instructor / Trainer

  • Demonstrate how instructors can manage an instructor led training classroom.  Include scheduling classes, cancelling classes, changing class statuses, and completing classes.
  • Show how instructors will enroll employees into classes.  Show how instructors can review class enrollment statuses and limits.  Show how instructors will cancel student enrollment in classes if they need to.
  • Display which reports can be run by instructors.  Show how these reports can be exported and printed.  Show a sign-in sheet or class roster.
  • Demonstrate how instructors can add & edit locations, instructors, and other resources.  Show any resource management capabilities.  Show how instructors can change location of an instructor led training.  Demonstrate how to resolve resource allocation conflicts.
  • Show how instructors will track attendance in classes.
  • Demonstrate which types of evaluations are available for training.  Show how instructors can assign evaluations.
  • Demonstrate how to schedule webinars and mark attendance.
  • Show how an instructor can print certificates of completion for courses.
  • Show how an instructor would give an assessment to a student.  Show how a instructor would review the student’s assessment scores.


Training Administrator

  • Demonstrate how to create ILT courses and assign resources. 
  • Demonstrate the process to upload eLearning and assign requirements to students.  Demonstrate any conformance testing within the solution.
  • Show how a web page url can be turned into training content in the solution.
  • Show how a document can be uploaded and turned into training content in the solution.
  • Demonstrate adding an employee to the system.  Show all steps that must be performed to optimally setup a student for taking training.  Show all steps that must be performed to optimally setup a manager to manage subordinates in the training atmosphere. 
    Note:  Many systems will require more setup than just adding an employee to start taking training.  For example, GyrusAim allows you to assign training requirements by Job/Organization/Direct.  However, in order for all of these items to work, you must first setup the jobs and the organizations as well.  Make sure you understand everything required in the setup.  This step is often missed.
  • Demonstrate the level of control that training administrators have over the user interface of the solution.  Show what they can customize to fit the culture of their organization.
  • Show how training administrators can assign training requirements.
  • Demonstrate how certifications are defined and how they can be assigned.
  • Demonstrate how training administrators will be able to track training within the system.




    • Show current enrollment – Show any drilldown possibilities
    • Show annual reports on training hours – Show any drilldown possibilities
    • Show training ratings and feedback
    • Show needs analysis
  • Display reports that are available to the training administrator.


The Solution Itself

  • Demonstrate how the solution would notify a student that they were enrolled in a class.
  • Demonstrate how the solution would notify a student of a change in location or a class cancellation.
  • Demonstrate how the solution would notify a student of upcoming expiration dates on recurrent training.
  • Demonstrate how the solution would notify a student of training that is due.
  • Demonstrate the solutions error messages and system notification capabilities.
  • Demonstrate how supervisors of notified of pending approvals.
  • Demonstrate how the solution sends out system wide notifications.

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