Why Gyrus?

Purchase Advantages

Unlimited Support

Support offerings include phone, email, live chat, and a support portal which includes ticket tracking and knowledgebase.

Free Maintenance and Upgrades

We offer at least four new product releases a year! Free maintenance means we are not going to charge you for the install on the upgrade. We are committed to keeping our customers up to date on the latest training features of GyrusAim.

Unlimited Usage

Courses, classes, documents, SCORM packages, you name it! We don’t charge usage fees, cap limits, or impose bandwidth restrictions. When you purchase GyrusAim, we expect you to use it to its fullest extent.

Active User Pricing

Only pay for active users in the system. This means you can store historical records for free, AND still be able to run reports on it. We understand compliance, and we are not going to charge for inactive or expired users.

Company Advantages

Years of Service

We understand your LMS needs. With decades of experience as a pioneer in Learning Management, we have a proven plan for success.

Global Experience

With content partners, re-sellers, and current clients in several countries, we have global experience. We can fit the culture of your organization!

Product Switching

Time for a change? We’ve got you covered. The market is supersaturated and a majority of our implementations are from ‘LMS Switchers’. We make the switch painless!

Service Oriented

Our focus is client satisfaction. We work with our clients to make sure they understand all aspects of our product, implementation, and infrastructure. Many product enhancements are influenced by customer feedback. We aren’t happy until you are happy!

Product Advantages

Skill Centric System

With all this talk about the skill gap, what better time to find a skill centric learning management system. Create individual development plans based on organization, job, and employee specific designations. This will allow you to see your skill gap in real time – and fix it.

Upload Any Content

Remember how we said there is no limit on usage? Well, there is no limit to the type of usage either. We support a wide variety of file formats for content upload including SCORM, AICC, Tin Can, MS Office formats, and image formats.

Language Support

We have customers all over the world. That’s why we support over 30 languages in GyrusAim.

Intuitive and Clean User Interface

It’s hard to get lost in GyrusAim. All icons have tool-tips, the user interface is clean and uncluttered, and functions are intuitively grouped together for faster processing and ease of use. Most of our interface enhancements come directly from customer feedback!

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Take a closer look at our product. Speak to one of our experienced sales consultants. We will set up a customer specific demo based on our initial discussion and your needs.

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