Why Gyrus Systems?

Gyrus Systems has earned its reputation as a seasoned learning management system (LMS) vendor that offers excellent market-driven learning management products and expertise to meet the training technology needs for any size organization. As a 28-year LMS vendor, Gyrus has provided hosted learning management system software and eLearning solutions to over 425 organizations in 15+ countries.

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GyrusAim Suite

The GyrusAim Product Suite is designed to completely manage the learning & development programs of companies ranging from 20 learners up to multi-site, enterprise organizations requiring complex training necessitated by hundreds of departments and tens of thousands of learners. The Suite consists of three innovative software applications.

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Company Overview









MobileAim View
MobileAim allows all features of the student and manager profile views. Students can easily view their training requirements, enroll in classes, cancel enrollments, take eLearning, and take assessments on the go. Managers can approve pending actions for students, and give on the job training (OJT) right from their mobile device. In any profession where there isn't enough time to review information with an employee while sitting at a computer, this would be a perfect solution. Best of all, the MobileAim is free when you are a GyrusAim customer.

Manager Profile View
The manager profile can access all the information the student profile can access and more. Specific manager functions within the system include: pending approval, employee details editing, and a comprehensive Manage My People screen. Managers can be given the ability to enroll students in classes, cancel enrollments in classes, give assessments (on the job training or OJT), view individual requirements for one or all subordinates, and approve actions for their subordinates. Managers can view training transcripts and run gap analysis on employees to help them develop into their next position.

Student Profile View
The student profile can access individual development needs, training transcripts, skill transcripts to view obtained skills, assessments, certifications, self-reported training, course evaluations, course catalog, and enrollments. Administrators are able to configure which features they want their students to have. Every user will also be equipped with an array of dashboards for easy access to information. Most common in the student profile, we see enrollments and training options. Administrators can also enable: top registration by class, certification status, and much more.

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