Why Gyrus Systems?

Gyrus Systems has earned its reputation as a seasoned learning management system (LMS) vendor that offers excellent market-driven learning management products and expertise to meet the training technology needs for any size organization. As a 26-year LMS vendor, Gyrus has provided hosted learning management system software and eLearning solutions to over 425 organizations in 15+ countries.

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GyrusAim is Gyrus Systems’ state of the art Learning Management System (LMS).

Gyrus has specialized in learning management systems (LMS) for nearly a quarter of a century. Our new technologies have led the way in shaping the LMS industry in the past and will continue to lead the way in the future. If you need an enterprise size learning management system with solid administration, competency management, eLearning and multilingual capabilities, then GyrusAim is the logical choice.

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Customer Testimonials

“Our company is growing rapidly and needs a cutting edge Learning Management System to serve the needs of our employees wherever they want to access training.  Gyrus’ user-friendly web interface makes this dream a reality.

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