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With having to face belt-tightening of funding sources, increasing competition for development dollars, increasing scrutiny and regulations, Gyrus System understands that non-profits must have reliable and cost efficient methods to increase operational efficiencies, manage volunteer training, improve compliance and reduce exposure to risk. The GyrusAim LMS was designed to help non-profit groups get the most for their investment in training and development automation. Gyrus Systems is a small, boutique LMS company in a marketplace filled with large, cumbersome LMS providers. Agile and able to adapt to your organizations specific needs, we have helped non-profits organizations grow and prosper in a tight economy. With efficient training and a successful Learning Management System, we help non-profit organizations reach their goals on a limited budget.

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Why Your Training Administrator Will Love It?

Training administrators will be able to deliver, monitor, and manage training on-demand through a multitude of eLearning options. Self-service options will allow users to view their own individual development plans and manage their progress. If you involve volunteers in your operation, they will be able to take a list of their training with them by self-service printing of training transcripts. The system is efficiently automated and secure for enrollments, wait-listing enrollments, and adding to a ‘course interest list’. Through a wealth of reporting services, administrators will be able to track certifications and easily provide documentation for audits and regulatory compliance.

Finding Success with GyrusAim

GyrusAim provides efficient and cost-effective training and certification management. We offer low cost installations and licensing, and can implement in as few as 2 weeks. Training will have an impact on volunteer and employee engagement and retention, as well as reduce risk and increase safety. Use GyrusAim to increase consistency in your training program. You can also establish a competitive advantage by leveraging your use of a learning management system. The system is scalable on both level of system and pricing. We can start small and grow with your successes.

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