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Gyrus and Warp VR Announce Global Partnership on VR Storytelling for Enterprise Learning and Upskilling


AI-powered Learning Management Systems (LMS) provider Gyrus Systems and immersive learning provider Warp VR announce a strategic partnership to offer the most robust VR experience in the industry.

Warp VR and Gyrus joined forces to provide training professionals worldwide with the skills, knowledge, and infrastructure needed to develop and distribute effective story-based VR training solutions in a seamless learning environment— helping organizations drive a culture committed to learning and talent development.

“We’re excited to enter into this partnership with Warp VR. Their unique approach to virtual storytelling and the creation of scenario-based VR learning solutions turn passive learning into active experiences that meet the expectations of today’s learners.” says Viren Kapadia, President and CEO of Gyrus Systems.

“VR training helps to create motivated, confident employees that have the right skills, knowledge and experience the moment they need it. We look forward to working with Gyrus to help more companies improve their blended learning approach.” says Thijs de Vries, Co-Founder and CEO of Warp VR.

About Warp VR

Warp VR is an immersive learning tech and services provider enabling story-based real-life situational training courses. With a global network of experts and a growing library of off-the-shelf content, Warp is on a mission to enable immersive learning at scale. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

About Gyrus Systems

Gyrus Systems is the one-stop solution for the enterprise learning management of any size training program. Since 1987, 570+ companies in over 24 countries have put Gyrus Systems’ learning management technologies to work making their operation more efficient, more productive, and a greater contributor to the success of their organization. The company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.


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