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International businesses face unique challenges that can be managed successfully by the GyrusAim Learning Management System; geographic dispersion, language barriers, cultural differences, local business practices, country-specific regulations, travel costs, time zone differences. GyrusAim provides an effective and efficient platform that helps you overcome the challenges of managing global training: deliver consistent on-demand eLearning over the entire enterprise, regardless of time zone, local language or location; monitor and manage training and regulatory compliance on a global scale, in real time; manage training costs and ROI; get new employees up to speed faster; fuel talent management efforts through objective skills management.

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Why Your Training Administrator Will Love It?

Administrators can use robust reporting analytics to facilitate global training management, identify trends and skill-gaps, and forecast training needs. With over 30 language options for GyrusAim, administrators will be able to seamlessly roll out the LMS to many different locations globally. With automated enrollment and training functions there will be more time to focus on improved training content and development processes.

Finding Success with GyrusAim

GyrusAim helps to monitor employee training progress via Individual Development Plans, Skills and Training Transcripts. Employees can manage their own development through the GyrusAim Gap Analysis and individual development plan. Secure online assessments, randomized questions and automated approval processes allow employees to proceed quickly through required training without waiting for manual approvals. Automated enrollment, approval and waitlist functions get students trained faster. Easy to use, cross-cultural LMS makes online training efficient and effortless. Deployed on a global scale with numerous clients, GyrusAim is proven in today’s international marketplace; hosted, SaaS or self-hosted.

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