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What is eCommerce?


Whether your extended enterprise includes suppliers, resellers, consumers or members, GyrusAim LMS provides the complete answer when selling your content is a business priority, Gyrus Systems provides the complete answer. GyrusAim LMS fully supports eCommerce transactions and provides clients with a way to manage the storefront needs of providing for-profit training to your employees, contractors, customers and suppliers.

  • Sell any type of medium, program, or curriculum

  • Establish costs per user or group and discount or charge codes

  • Create organizational credit accounts, debit accounts, promotional pricing and discounts

  • Provide use-based access to content or libraries

  • Integrate with major payment gateways (PayPal) and use a shopping cart and checkout process

  • View detailed eCommerce reporting

  • B2B and B2C support


How to use it?


Manufacturing – Let’s say your company has developed an efficient method for managing a work station. Your company can turn those best practices into a revenue stream. With GyrusAim eCommerce, you are able to publish and sell your own training content. Once set up, all you have to do is give customers the website to register and they can start purchasing training from you!


Healthcare – The healthcare industry is constantly changing, with new regulations and policies. Thinking outside the box here: You are a medical device company. You want to offer the best devices around, however the rate of adoption is lower due to the technical nature of some of your devices. Creating training for your best in class devices would be the first step. The second step is delivery of training. With GyrusAim eCommerce, you can reach and train anywhere in the world without leaving your local headquarters. Save time and money on travel and training hours, while creating a new revenue stream!


Government – Often times government agencies will offer assistance programs without realizing a return on investment. This can often times be attributed to an education/training issue for those receiving assistance. With GyrusAim eCommerce, your agency can set up training for their assistance programs while creating a revenue source.


Utilities – Does your company offer incentives to make homes more efficient? Does your company even pay homeowners to conserve energy? Subsidizing the cost for a technician to come in and make a home more energy efficient is just half the battle. Consumers should be trained on how to conserve more in their homes. GyrusAim eCommerce can help by hosting your customer trainings. Best case scenario: Customers are educated and make better energy decisions. Worst case scenario: You have created a new revenue stream.


Banking & Finance – Loans and financing can be confusing for the average consumer. If your institution offers programs for consumers that don’t have the best financial history, it may be a great idea to accompany those programs with in-house training. GyrusAim eCommerce can provide you with an avenue to deliver training, increase consumer awareness of finances, and make a profit on the side.


Content Management

Sell any type of medium, program, or curriculum. This includes use of scheduled instructor led classes and virtual learning (eLearning).

Payment and Pricing

Establish costs per user or apply a group rate. Apply discounts, charge codes or promotional rates. You also have the option of creating organizational credit accounts and debit accounts.


Integrate with major payment gateways (PayPal and use a shopping cart / checkout process


Along with the variety of reporting available in GyrusAim, view detailed eCommerce reporting.

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